Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blogging from Amreeka - Week 1 - The beginning, Jet lag and Santa Monica

Our flight was delayed by a total of eight hours. Four hours at Mumbai and four hours at Newark. Needless to ask, the toddler and I were desperate to reach a place we could call home, and change out of the clothes we had been wearing. Also the washroom on the flight really scared the toddler and we were in a need of a proper bathroom as well :)

24 or morehours of international air travel, sounds so fancy. But ugh! Really? The food on the flight is bad. Economy travel is not the greatest pleasure in life and  oh my god add a toddler to the equation and you might just end up with an explosion! Then theres customs and immigration, and the possibility of smuggling a bomb aboard the flight! Like really?

We arrived at Los Angeles airport to be greeted by the Husband, collected our baggage, which to my surprise had all reached safe and climbed into the car. The toddler was petrified at the speed at which the Scientist was driving and kept asking him to slow down!

I however, dozed off through most of the drive, and hit the shower the moment I got home. The needful calls were made to convey to  people that we had arrived in good shape, and the husband set the cooker with rice so that we could have a decent hot meal.

I cannot remember what exactly I did on day 1. Oh yes we went to an Indian store to get some cooking essentials. Since the apartment was fully furnished with an microwave, toaster, blender, refrigerator et al I have been able to cook meals when necessary! Coming back to the Indian store, I was kind of annoyed by the look of it and the Hindi hymn that was playing in the background!

On friday, we went to a local mall, where I was hungry and crabby and ended up buying body cream from the body shop! One, namely the Organge cream  got taken during the security check at the airport and I have not yet finished mourning over its loss!

Saturday, we went to the Getty centre which was a museum of art. Honestly, we would have enjoyed it better without the toddler, but we did not really have much of a choice. Luckily we did not as I expected, get thrown out by the museum people for the toddler running all over the place like he was on a sugar high! We left after eating some overpriced ice cream on one of the beautiful lawns in the Getty!

We then headed to the Santa Monica beach and third street Promenade. The propspects of shopping made me more attracted to the Promenade than the beach. After coffee at Star Bucks, where I fell in love with the Chai Latte, Chittu began to cry out of being jet lagged, Indian food craving and basically being annoyed with his parents for strutting around a foreign city with no regard to his baby needs :( His wailing lead us to get the hell out of there and back home, and my shopping dreams for the day came crashing down but  after 2 pairs of pretty looking footwear in my size :)


  1. Wow!!! I'm currently soooo jealous of u Sugar! :D
    Needless to say, Chittu looks cute...!!! (Was he moving whn this pic was taken?!)
    And you my dear, I have one word - Glowing! :-)))

    1. hey sorry abt the pic quality.. yep looks like he moved!

      :) and thanks!


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