Monday, September 24, 2012

A little pride, a little joy and a little sad - Hi! on Monday

So, its Monday again and back to the grind of being a superwoman - aren't  we all? Managing work, home, baby/toddler, husband, in-laws, upcoming family events like a wedding, festival cooking, healthy cooking, grocery shopping and weight loss - with two legs, two hands and one brain? Sometimes I am so proud of myself.

My weekend this time was a combination of all of the above. I helped the husband design the wedding invite for the upcoming BIL's wedding, home cooked all meals this weekend, paid bills, went grocery shopping, played with Chittu, went for a 5k run, took a spinning class and even lost a teensy bit of the USA weight!

So yes. I am like that - sometimes feeling so proud of the million things I try to accomplish and sometimes want to throw myself in the garbage dumpster for being unable to control myself around sugary food.

In other news, we are on a super tight budget norms thanks to wedding shopping, the many dollars we blew up in the USA and may be an upcoming home renovation project! (finers crossed* fingers crossed* And Oh God, please please do not jinx this for us!). But there is the Scientist's birthday on Wednesday for which I have a simple yet special/fun plan (even though its a week day), but that can be executed ONLY if the Scientist does not scoot off for an official meeting at 5a.m.!! Speaking of birthdays, sometimes it  makes me think of death, and how closer we are getting to it, atleast mathematically! Sorry for sounding morose. But I just had to say it. Despite my dark thoughts, a birthday is still a special day for me and even though we are not big into the cake celebrations and all, I would still treat it as a happy day.
Ok ok. I guess I will have to stop my Bhaashan here, before I get fired for blogging in official hours. But hell I also do work during non-official hours. So I guess that makes up for it!
I have been updating my weigh-in page regularly as also my workout schedule. And I have also logged in my food on spark people ( as sugarsweetsmile for those who care). So I am working at it again! I'm off to drink my midmorning snack- buttermilk power!!!!
Lots of love!


  1. i agree, some time we are too hard on ourselfs. considering the multiple roles we play, we should be proud of ourselves!

  2. have soo much accomplished...congratulations on the 5 k...
    BTW, buttermilk powder? Never heard of that...

    1. that was power, not powder sweetie and because of the fantastic properties buttermilk has...

      thanks for the compliments. It really motivates me when I'm in the dumps about myself.


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