Friday, September 21, 2012

I shall be thin one day

Ok.. why do I feel compelled to write a post today, even though, suprise suprise!! I weigh almost the same as I did yesterday. I have not gone to the gym in three days - that's tuesday, wednesday and thursday. I did some mat exercises - my own whacky combo of stretches-yoga- pilates this morning, because I felt guilt  almost chew my brains up. And then all I've been thinking of is food-food-food and exercsie-exercise-exercise. Because I tend to be obsessive like that! I can't seem to stay balanced and refrain from the many kozhakottais I popped in my mouth because in my head I reasoned (and please laugh at me) that steamed riced dumplings filled with coconut and jaggery can't be so calorie laden afterall. And then what harm can a couple of vadais do? And the appams? They are my favourite sweet! This was the Ganeshchathurthi indulgence.
Oh and the promise to get in a run or a biking session while in Chennai? Lemme explain - the in-laws house is not located conducive enough for a walk and the bike? Oh well, it was dysfunctional! And then back in Bangalore I never woke up at the call of the alarm. I was not too tired or too sleepy like I usually am. I was just plain lazy. What a shame!
I owe it to myself to get some movement today apart from the fifteen minutes I spent doing some kind of exercise on my yoga mat this morning! I am trying to choose between the spinning class and the yoga class. And may be a run tomorrow? As per plan. I must get back to lifting too.. because it makes me feel so strong and does wonders to my body.
Anyway the drudgery continues , I guess and will not go away no matter how bad I feel about being fat! I need to do the rest of the stuff too - the all too unassuming -diet and exercise that will make or break my dream - that one day, soon I shall be thin! Just that I really need to pull my socks and get down to that stinkin' business.
And I'm also going to soon link to my mapmyrun page (so that I can show off my runs!!!), my sparkpeople page (so that I can please stop thinking I can eat the damn samosa because noone watchin') and also have a weigh-in page (so that I can put the scary numbers here for everyone to see).
All those freshly starting out with weight loss goals, how are you staying accountable? Any suggestions?

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