Thursday, September 20, 2012

Many whys? And a weak Will!

Why do I screw up my grandiose weight loss plan EVERY time I go to Chennai even if its for two days?
Why is it so hard to say no to Goddamn freaking SUGAR when I have eaten so much of it all my life, even though I know it wrecks the little success I make on the weight loss front?
Why can I not stay away from Rice when I know it makes me retain so much water that I dont lose even an ounce after I run a 10k or push myself with weights?
Why Oh Lord is it SO SO SO hard to lose weight even for someone who managed to ace complicated law exams? There are only two rules: Eat less and move more!
Why am I not able to do this and Scratch this off my to-do list? This weight loss thing that has been on it forever now?
Why is it so hard? Really... Ifeel like I have been at this weight loss thing for ever, now. So long that I want to sit down and cry at how badly I have fallen short of my goals. I can't just seem to fix this eating problem of mine. I can run a 10k or even a freaking half-marathon, I guess. But tell me to say no to a pastry or sweet or chocolate that does not even taste as good as it looks, I will be miserable. I feel like its my bounden duty to eat anu sugar that is placed before my eyes. Even though I know it hampers thae goal that I have been longing to achieve my whole life now.
Why can't I just be thin? And just not like sugar?
I am up on weight and down on morale! I need to buck up. Get up and lash this battle out. I know how to do it. And I'm starting this again (When was I ever off?). 13 kgs to go. January 20th, 2013 is my new goal date. I'm starting over. From today, from now. And I shall post weekly weigh ins, though I am yet to figure out which day of the week.


  1. Being in a weight loss mode forever is my story too! I don't remember when was the last time I ate my favorite food without guilt.. The every time thoughts of "This is the last time I am eating so much" after every lovely meal, I'm bored of that too!
    But the best part about you is.. you can run 10K. I cant even daee to think about that! Just compare with other thin people around you whether they can do it! "No" would be the answer
    Anyways, you know whats the awesomest part of all this? We are all trying! There would be rants, but someday, we are going to get into the shape we always wanted! :)

    1. I know there could be so many like me... this weight loss things is really so difficult! I have been feeling really very low these last few days....

  2. Dear Sugar,
    I just started following your blog and love what you write. I too have been on this weight loss journey forever. I get out of control when i see anything sweet....i get angry at myself about this too..I really wish there was a solution. I was so good at eating the last month n here came Ganesh chaturthi...with all the obbattus n other delicacies and out of the window went the so so upset..need motivation to get tired of weighing 80kgs.

    1. Dear shruti, welcome to my blog and I'm glad you liked it!

      Yes to lose weight food is the most important aspect and the toughest too

      It's ok to fall off once in a way. But be sure to get up , dust your butt and move on. Exercise usually helps in keeping the focus too, although just exercise halone will not result in weight loss.

      Keep coming here often and I hope you are on your way to success soon!

  3. You have done Law? What a co incedence-So have I-But I didn't practice and switched later on to Computers-totally unrelated!

    1. Really??That's interesting. I am still very much in the field :)


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