Friday, September 14, 2012

On this morning - thoughts, things and a fear!

My alarm rang at 5 a.m this morning, like it does on every weekday morning. It basically means that if I do wake up at that ungodly hour, I will be able to sneak out to the gym/ finish my workout before the toddler awakes, come back in time to cook a decent breakfast and pack a healthy lunch for the Scientist, have some laptop time, some Chittu time, some newspaper time and also time for a longish shower if I'm in the mood.
I do wake up at that hour most days just so that I can reap the benefit of having a productive morning. But there certainly are days like today where I turn of the alarm, cuddle up next to the Scientist and wake up an hour later, almost always feeling terrible about it. While I don't mind compromising other things, I like to have have my workout s done and over with in the morning.
So after the Scientist left to work, I got dressed in tracks and went to the gym.
Random thoughts that crossed my mind as I stamped away 430 calories on the RFX:
  • Gosh, I hate the crowded gym. I should come in early so that I can get the machine of choice without having to wait.
  • One day of eating refined carbohydrate showed a weight gain of 1 kg. Overnight! Like how?????
  • And therefore this: I must have eaten rice almost every single day of my 28 years on this earth. Then why-oh-why can I not stay away from it, especially when it shows me so much negative love on the scale?
  • God! That woman there looks so much thinner now than when I last saw her! (which was more than a month ago.. and I know she is a gym regular.. the hard work is showing!)
  • Should I engage a personal trainer? It costs me about Rs.6000/- a month! Gulp! Yes, dearies, INR 6000! Or I should I but a book like the fit female body breakthrough or the New Rules of Weight Lifting for women? Weight training really did wonders to my body!
  • Ok today I will stay away from the refined carbs. I must get on with this weight loss thing. Or how about phase 1 SBD? Its painful, but it works! Maybe I should. How about from Sunday?
  • Am I the fattest here today? Oh look at her? Am I fatter than her? Umm.. i don't know!
  • But I'm fit. Look at me, everybody, this fat girl is going to run a 10 k tomorrow!
  • But I don't look so fat ya..Or is this a kind mirror? May be my bones are heavy? Right?
  • Wow this exercise makes my body feel so good!!!I must fit in more exercise. What good is 30 mins?
  • And stretching.. wow that knee pain from the 7k is almost gone. And my joints feel so well oiled!
Sorry.. I know these were just random. But its true. I love my gym time. I know, I know I say it too often. But its good yo.. really good.
And one final thought as I was parking my bike at home:
Am I going to die fat? I realy wish I wouldn't!


  1. hello... I love to go to the gym really early as well.. and dont worry u arent the only one who keep comparing with other gym goers.. i think i spend more time drooling at other's fatless body than concentrating on my excerise.

    1. welcome to my blog and best wishes on your weight loss journey!!!

  2. I have been fighting a daily fight with self to get up early and your post inspires me to do it. Imagine the time I will have for myself!! Sigh!

  3. i know... sometimes i need to write this down just so it reinforces the point of waking up early!


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