Monday, September 10, 2012

The not yet back to normal but kickass run update :)

Monday again, and its one week since we returned from our holiday! I really needed the weekend to kind of reset and restart. I am still not 100% back to routine. I have down delegated cooking to Maami as I have not yet unpacked fully and am still dealing with cockroach menace, a 10 k right under my nose and piled up work in office.

My pantry is not yet sufficiently stocked, and my lentil supplies are at an all time low! The schools for the toddler open admissions for the next academic year, and the task of short listing schools and keeping track of dead lines and dates has fallen upon me.

This weekend, we caught up on much needed sleep. My meals continue to be dominated by Mr. Carbohydrate in the form of rice. But the ONE thing I have got really serious about are my workouts. Checkout my workout page. I shall be updating as we go along. I did a neat 6k run on Sunday.  Pretty much ran the whole distance. You can check it out here. But I'm having some knee pain, specially while climbing down steps. The pain was nasty yesterday, but better today. I should stretch better. I am lazy when it comes to stretching, and I better take it seriously! Also I can't seem to find my ice pack. I remember it being in the freezer, but when I came back from the US I found that the refrigerator was taken over by cockroaches. In my terror, I asked Maami to toss everything out, and now I suspect that my ice pack is gone too!

Since I am highly skilled at ruining my work outs by bad food choices, I really need to buckle up and shake off these extra kilos. I'm back in the mighty eighties, for those who want the details. So I've got a lot of damage to undo. Food. Food. Food. I know that's the biggest factor for weight loss. And I better get back to tracking.

Sometimes I wish for the kind of momentary motivation I get, my metabolic rate should shoot up so high and bust the adipose tissue, but that's wishful thinking at its best and momentary motivation is really momemtary. I must get back to my stringent eating rules. So enough said. Action time.

Updates soon. Btw, whats up my fellow bloggers Meversusfat and New and improved me? Not heard from you guys in eternity?



  1. hey..just posted..check it out

    btw great to know you are back and enjoyed your vacation. Also congrats on your 6k, you seem to be totally back in action..!!

    1. :) well I better be considering how much weight I have gained back!


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