Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New York City - Another post in pictures

I loved NYC!! Like although I was quite mad at the Scientist for having brought me to a concrete jungle after what I felt was insufficient time at the Niagra, I still fell in love with NYC. Even though all the building looked the same, I loved NYC. The speed of life, the subway, the lack of parking space, the crowds, the food.. it was a great experience.
Even though we were there for a short span of about 3-4 days, I felt as if I was so familiar with the City. The shops were so good and we even peeked into Tiffanys though I really did not have the budget for anything from there. The super brands made me feel very special, even though I did not really buy anything from one of those, high end stores. The cosmetics stores in the US really made me feel as though we at India are missing out big time. The aisles and aisles of make up made even me - a complete lazy bum feel the need to buy something and use!
Then the food - the cheese, the pizza, the ice cream, cup cakes, giant sized cookies and fro-yo - made me further fall in love with the place. We missed picturing many moments, but still I leave you with these:
Chittu at his naughtiest - while Amma was shopping in NYC! I found clothes that fit me! And I was a normal sized person by American standards!

That was a one mile walk in the rain to the ferry ride!I was glad that I was in great physical form!And oh! The Manhattan Skyline in th back ground!

Thats the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. We never got off because it was pouring!
Chittu having fun at the pla area in the apartment. I loved the facilities that were available for kids there!

Times square baby! Amen!

Dessert at a restaurant in Little Italy, NYC. That was well dserved for all the walking we did!
Trying the hats. The Scientist was really pushing me to buy one. But I'm not a hat person, you know!
At Central Park, NYC. I wished I lived in that city, so I could go running in the park every morning. The facilities available for those who want to be fit, is simply mind blowing!
At NYC, since we were travelling with a baby, we did not make fixed plans. Moreover, I was not exactly interested in much of American history, since I don't really connect. Like for example, we did not go up close to the Liberty Lady! We also missed the Empire State Building. We did try to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, but were so tired, that we saw it from a idstance, and figured that should be good enough. We also tried to find the Great Bull of Wall Street, but lost our way, and I got distracted with  shopping! But we were able see some flea markets, and that was really cool! We bought some interesting arty stuff, which I have not actually pictured, yet!
So that was the NYC trip after which we headed to Atlanta to meet family and I went crazy shopping. All that, and more later. Stay tuned!

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