Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Battling the eating demon

My aim at the beginning of 2012 was to get to goal weight by August 2012. My aim, right now is to get to goal weight by February 2013. I hope that I will actually make it, and not reschedule goal date, once again. Yes, I am getting there. But the fact remains that I am not yet there. Of course, physically I am working towards it. But when it comes to food - Oh wait a moment, The demon inside me awakes and simply takes over. No rationality including the fact that I very well KNOW that I cannot out exercise a bad diet helps EVER.

So what do I do to say no to the foods that put my eating out of balance? Just DONT bring them home. Period. Even if I bring the said foods home for the toddler who example likes rusk, I end up eating more of the said food than the toddler. And remember the Mysore Pak that I carried home from Chennai for the Scientist. I most certainly ate more of it than he did. In fact, even in the dead of the night, my brain was saying : Eat mysore pak. Eat mysore pak. As if I had never before in my life.
Not having the food around is the only way I can deal with this.

And oh, if the weighing scale shows a gain, I will stay off. But not if I'm maintaining. I trick myself into eating on the argument that I will run 10 kilometres and it will be a great secret that I polished off all that food! Obviously I am a lawyer!

And that relentless talking to myself. Lose weight. Lose weight. Lose weight. Seriously, I should have been drowned long ago in that thought! Thankfully its a metaphor and I only just started doing proper stuff about actually losing the weight. You see, thinking and doing are TOTALLY different!

So yes I have killed the mysore pak demon for now, and before Diwali rolls around bringing with it sweet festivity, I would hopefully be a few more pounds down! So, what plans for Diwali?


  1. Hehe :D my thoughts exactly.. Although, I am not a sweet lover (icecream is an exception), I can't control myself when it comes to spicy food, or any other non-sweet food for that matter. I know that's weird, but I have figured out that my problem isn't craving about anything specific.. I think its portion size in my case. I just can't stop if I like something :(
    Anyways, for your problem, I guess you have chosen the best strategy :)

  2. hmm, i was discussing the love for sweets with a colleague who doesn't eat sweets at all, not that he doesn't like them, but he says he has outgrown them. He gave me a very simple example" when you were a kid you had a favourite doll or cycle or toy. Even though you loved it with all your heart, you don't play with it any more. You have outgrown them. Think of sweets in the same way" hmmmm...it is something to think about..tricking one's mind.

  3. Hey do u measure your food? How do u calculate the calories? (I mean, like xxx gms of rice (or something else) has yyy amount of calories?)
    Do let me know :-)

    1. Gavz yes I measure my food. I got a set of measurings cups and spoons when I joined a gym years ago. I track my food on spark people. It will estimate calories based on the quantity you input. That apart google for anything else, like vegetable seperately and oil...gimme a mail id i can mail on that will help me answer better!

    2. Ohk... I have emailed u... :-)


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