Monday, October 22, 2012

Post wedding fatigue

Back to work time, after the awesome wedding celebrations!!!

Its always hard to get back to routine, no? And even though I had crossed my heart about getting this morning's run, I decided to take it easy and sleep in. Minimal sleep was had the past week and I just could not shake it off. Plus its always glorious to be back home in your own bed and your pillow and have your own bathroom back, right?

Not so bad food choices were made. I really took it easy on the food, and was able to stay well in control most of the time. My weight has stayed the same, I guess. But the only problem now is quite the supply of the wedding sweets. I will have to keep my defences up! And I will go to the body pump class tomorrow. The Bangalore Ultra 2012 - where I'll be doing the 12.5 k run is less than 20 days away! Yikes !!!I better get my act together!

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