Monday, October 1, 2012

The weekend, some thoughts and a good run!

When the alarm rang this morning, at 5a.m I lay my head on the Scientist's shoulder and wondered why every weekend zips by so fast. Even if I did NOTHING. So that was pretty much this weekend for me. It all started when I bunked yoga/ spinning class on Friday to just be home and finish up some long pending work. And then it was Saturday morning and we stayed in bed till 8 that is until the maid rang the bell. We woke up, lazed around while we had tea, then mulled over the newspapers, worried about the effect of the kaveri issue and whether life in Bangalore would come to a halt and basically potered around the house doing nothing. Then when I decided I would not hit the gym, I settled for somne yoga on my mat. Little chittu joined in learning to do suryanamaskars and insisted he wanted the yoga mat as well. We tried to get him out of the way using his new cycle as a distraction, but he was quite intent about riding the cycle on the mat as well! Finally we got Maami to deal with him, while I stretched my fatigued muscles into bow, butterfly, serpent and warrior poses.
Lunch was an elaborate affair cooked with love and oil - specially for the Scientist because I ruined his birthday meal.(Sidenote: Am I not the perfect wife? ) And then belly full, we tried to catch some afternoon winks. Then there was chai to be prepared and then dinner! And just to reinforce, I am not a cook my profession, but a lawyer. The only reason I took to cooking is that I cannot find healthy, wholesome and lowcalorie food at the restaurants!
Sunday was identical with the exception of my waking up early, fixing breakfast and rushing to dance-class in an auto in the pouring rain. But what a bummer- no class!!! Ugh! So I took a BMTC bus back home, riding back on an old route in a new city with changed bus stop names. I got a ride that reignited old memories and younger days for just Rs.9. I would like my son to be able to do the same too. See that life is not all about air-conditioned cars and carpeted floors.
After dinner, the fact that we had gone more than two weeks without a meal outside just caught up with me. I asked the Sientist if we could go out for coffee, because the weather was wet and cold and just perfect for coffee. When we hit the mall, I saw a board for frozen yogurt and my heart did a little tango. But the serving size was so miniscule, it did not even let me take a guilt ride for the indulgence!
After carbo loading all weekend, I figured the best thing would be to head out for an early morning run. It was a superb 7 km run. Superb because I simply breezed through about 5k. I found my pace and tempo and just kept running. It was the best feeling in the world. But I am inclined to think that it was so good bacause I was well fed and well rested and my body and mind were so ready for it this morning. It was a glorious run and the endorphins are still pumping! I AM going to do the Bangalore Ultra - 12.5 km race. Thats 2.5 more than the KTM 10k, and I will get to the venue on time. (oh that reminds of another rant - but thats for anotehr post!) So any others want to run with me?



  1. dear Sugar,

    I am totally with you on not being inclined to cook but being forced to do so under the circumstances. I am still struggling:-))

    Good to hear about your run. I am not a runner, but I will be here to cheer you on!

    1. and also with the kid, i get more conscious about what m family eats...
      thanks for the support!

  2. Dear Sugar, that was a lovely wish for your son! I wonder if I will ever get to relive my childhood,or something like that,at least for a day! With three kids,I dont see that happening in the near future, sigh!
    You are an awesome girl,when it comes to fitness.Your previous post regarding the kaveri marathon made me envious.Wish you the very best for the upcoming run.

    1. oh thanks... do you know how happy your lovely comment makes me? itjust makes my day!


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