Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yay!! Holiday!

Welcome holiday in the beginning of the week!

I presumed there would be no body pump class. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. The gilt worm caught up with me at 7 o clock and I made a sleepy call to the gym to find out if they were open. Yes, came the reply. So I weighed myself, promptly got into my tracks and scooted off to the gym. The truth is I know I feel so much better when I do go, even if I do the non-designated work out for the day. Exercise also keeps my eating in check and makes me feel agile, strong and energetic. I know I say this all too often here. But I repeat, just in case anyone reading this can cut their excuse for the day and actually get some form of exercise in. It is also a reinforcement for me to remind myself that the hardest part is just getting my butt out of the house. Once out, I always do good!

I cycled for 20 mins until I felt the lactic acid burn my thighs, then claimed my turn on the RFX for 15 short but intense minutes and then went to the elliptical. Man, I found it so lam. Really! I thinking running and spinning and pumping has really strengthened my legs!  Oh, and also I saw a guy walk backwards on the treadmill. First it was walking backwards in the park. Now the treadmill too? Sometimes these fitness trends are wierd, no?

Anyway I stretched without the tension of having to reach home ASAP. I got home, fixed us all breakfast. Cleared the fridge of leftovers, and am planning a lunch date with the husband at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). The CPK here , I found is far better than the original CPK of california :P. Now I can compare and all. I might also get new running shoes. I'm off to enjoy the day. Hope you guys have a good one too.



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