Monday, October 8, 2012

Whirlwind weekends are back?

When I said I was going to take the power yoga in my last post on friday, I was really hoping I'd not find an excuse to skip it. So even though the Scientist was home early, I decided to suck it up and just go for the class anyway. I was sweating by just doing breathing exercises. Power Yoga. More power to it. That reaffirms my belief that:
1. the hardest thing about working out is getting your butt out of the door
2. you NEVER regret a workout - EVER
So, upon return I was a happy hen and settled for dinner with someleft over carrot soup and dosas. The baby slept early, and even though going for a movie was an enticing prospect, we had to skip it , for the Bangalore Bundh was underway, already!
Saturday was the official Bandh and the city wore a deserted, almost eerie look with no buses, most shops shut down and gloomy weather. The Scientist was not sure that I would be safe running outdoors and advised that I stay in bed and under the sheets. Wow. Glorious!
And so Saturday was spent mostly at home. We ventured out bravely in the evening to  Lalbagh which is really close to us. But the rain gods promptly sent us back home. It was raining. I was fighting pakoda cravings and wondering what to do with the available time. My blogger, facebook and gmail pages were refreshed atleast 1 million times in about half an hour and I was beginning to crib about being bored, when I remembered that old me who was obsessed with books and reading. With the toddler, sometimes I don't really get my reading in. And I found the habit wearing away, and the pile of unread books just growing. I resolved that this year I would reignite my reading habit and have read a couple of books. I had started on the Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. But that was a couple of months ago. So I fished out the book and got reading whilst it was raining outside. Romantic, no?
Sunday morning I woke up battling with guilt for not doing the long run I had lovingly planned. I had dance class at 9 and had just about an hour. So I laced up and went off to my running venue. I got 6 kms in and plenty of pretty sights too! Not to mention the cool weather even around 7.30 a.m. I really love Bangalore for that one reason. I got back home, showered, quickly refueled on a sandwich and scooted off to dance class. Go me!!! After being in there for 15minutes, I rediscovered my love for it. I feel grateful to have a guru and being able to dance with no objections from people or my body :-)
I got back, made a quick lunch and napped with the toddler, promising him an evening outing, if he woke up early. He did and were off to Ramakrishna Mutt, for our dose of spirituality and got some books for the toddler. I read the exact same book in my childhood and loved, loved it. I can't believe life has come a full circle.
As a reward for being a good girl, we finished up an early dinner, outside. I really love to eat out. Once we got home, the Scientist remembered that he had to collect his glasses from the specs makers. I suggested we walk and we did! Guess, what? I finished the week making up my total weekly mileage of 21 kms (18 run and 3 walked). I feel accomplished and totally ready for this week!
How was yours?


  1. Awesome mileage!!!!

  2. yeah, I want to second that-awesome mileage. Boy, you are so right, one never ever regrets a workout.

    1. :) but the mind makes up so many many excuses not to go... it is a difficult battle!


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