Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The year so far - a dim picture weight loss wise

Its 4 days to race day - the Wipro Chennai Marathon - where I will be running the 10k. Sounds so trivial, suddenly amidst the half and full marathoners. A part of me wants to start training for a half marathon. But the sane part of me knows it should be a gradual increase. And what about the weight, dearie? Yes I have been at this weight loss thing for 2 years now. Although I might be in the final 10 kg phase, I must admit it is getting so so hard. One cookie, one piece of a peda/ burfi, one extra helping of rice adds up the calories and pushes my calorie limit above what I should be consuming for active weight loss. Sometimes even when I feel I have done it all right, the scale does not budge. And weeks later when I am in a carbohydrate party, the scale ticks downwards.  Sometimes, I feel like I know it all. Sometimes I feel so helpless. Sometimes I steel up and sometimes ( very often now) I breakdown.
I know I started this challenge, and to be very very honest with you: my performance till date is appaling. I have had no food control and slacked out on the exercsie front too! I have not given up, because I know it physically is possible to actually get rid of all this extra baggage. But I am not doing my best AT ALL.
My weight has moved from 82.7 in January 2012 to 77.2 (the lowest I recorded in November = a grand total of loss 5.5 kg for 11 months. Yes I even saw the 76's in July and hopped back to 80 in September! But we're talking net figures, right?
Anyway for now, I am recommiting to the challenge, going to refocus on running (may be two races in December) and reallign my food preferences.I will also get my thyroid tested, for whatever its worth! I shall continue logging in food and weight and finally if nothing happens till December 31st, I shall a nutritionist then! I hate to see one and I have not, till date. I know I don't function well on prescribed diets and tend to rebel, but I am slowly losing patience. I hope I see some light.
How have you guys kept up? Hope there's better news from your side!


  1. U r in a great place Sugar! Loosing 5.5 kg is awesome, as opposed to gaining the same! U r a positive person and I'm 2013 is UR year! :-)

    1. yes comparitively, but not absolutely :(


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