Monday, November 26, 2012

The weekend where I ate a whole lot!

If I had captured all the food I ate over the weekend and put it up here...

I don't know what came over me this weekend! At first I was thinking only of chocolate. Once I ate a handful of M&Ms and a 2 pack Reeses peanut butter cup, I wanted to eat pasta. Like cheesy gooey pasta. First I said PMS and then I said it was our 4 years of togetherness ( the Scientist and I had met and said yes exactly 4 years ago on this day)! and then just threw my hands up in the air and finally I said: Heck I want to eat,and I shall. On friday I had eaten 1772 calories, Saturday 1737 calories and Sunday 2539 calories as per spark people. My yoga class on Friday evening was next to nothing, The saturday 5k run was good, sunday I got lazy and monday morning I did not move my butt again!
So basically, tell me, if someone screwed up worse than I did!
I don't even feel horrible. I felt like I had the right to eat.Today's eating has been barely ok. I will see if can sneak a trip to the gym in the evening. Body pump shall happen tomorrow. And I will climb back right where I left. How are you guys doing?


  1. if you didnt feel horrible...thats all what matters..
    all is well..

  2. You were conscious of what you eat and that is still a good sign :) I am definitely not deserving enough to advise but just hurts to see you feel low. From your last pic you have definitely toned up really well !!

    1. thanks Smita :) many people tell me that, but NO scale love baby! Hope I can do something!


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