Thursday, November 1, 2012

October round up and November Goals

Happy to be home on a cold rainy winter day! The gym was closed for being a state holiday and it was raining pretty hard in the morning that I had to call off my run! So I just curled up and went right back to bed. So recharged, I tell you!

Anyway, October goals were:

1. exercise 6 days a week:
Made a total of 20 days of exercise even after being out of town for about 7 days. So counting the remaining 24 days, 20 workouts days, is not bad. But still, scope for improvement exists. 
2. lose weight ( 1 kg a week) although I never EVER make it to this goal 
Haha :) I think I did make some progress, until I got back home armed with mysore pak :)Back at starting point, though!!!
3. keep up the running practise for the 12.5 k race day 
Yes done well there. I have been running regularly, but am super nervous about the race day :)
4. continue to log in food, exercise and weight
Yes good there too :) I even tracked the mysore pak and laddoos!
5. last, but not the least : not gain weight during the wedding 
Pass, on this one too. Although, I guess I gained a bit thereafter!!!

Now for the November Goals:

1. Exercise 6 days a week!
3. Do 80 kms this month. (mostly running! thats about 20 kms per week.Doable, I think)
3. Diwali month, baby!!! And I want to lose weight. Let's see. I am sick of vascillating between 78 and 80. Time to do some serious work.Remember last year's Diwali debacle? 
4. Continue to log in food at Sparkpeople, weight & workouts here on my blog. It sure gives me an idea of what is going on. 
5. Keep my calorie intake at about 1500 cals per day!

And have I told you? I have planned for two more running events in December! But one step at a time, and I focus only on the Bangalore Ultra for now. Less than 10 days. the countdown has begun!!


  1. Good going Sugar. I think you have passed the October test quite well. Considering you had a close family wedding to attend and so much travel and hectic schedules, I think you did well not to gain weight.
    Don't say never about the 1 kg. per week. You 'never' know ! :)
    Also I am amazed that you manage to run for such long distances and not give up mid-way or not feel tired ! My legs protest if I walk too fast for too long. I can't even think of running !
    You know how in one of your previous posts you had said that you ate mysore pak at night convincing yourself that it would be worked off during the run next morning. I do something similar about once or twice a week. I eat 1 chocolate right before I go for the walk. The logic is the same. My experience is that it works for me. So maybe you could try something like that for the Diwali week - eat a little bit of sweet just before your run. Honestly, I too am a little worried about Diwali week.
    Oh, and all the very best for the marathon next Sunday. :)

    1. Dear Wanderer,
      I did not start running overnight! I did it after 1.5 years of consistent exercise :) Also by running I do not mean sprinting. I run like more of a jog. Slow and steady. I typically tire after 5kms so I take a walk break and continue :)
      Yes your idea is good!!! But its the mid night cravings that kill me :)I'm nervous about Diwali too. Let us see !!


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