Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pacing, puris for brunch and books!

I usually don't post on Saturdays, but I simply HAD to share this:

I headed to the gym for pacing practise. I am working on speeding up my running. So I made puri-aloo for breakfast and dashed out after snacking on a granola bar. I promised myself puris for breakfast if I did well!! And here's proof:
5k in under 40 minutes!!! Progress!!!!

 I came back home to enjoy my breakfast and find my flipkart parcel waiting for me:

Pure joy!!!
Remember at the beginning of 2012 I vowed to begin reading again. My reading habit really slackened after the baby. But I have managed to read some fine books this year! My book preferences are usually fiction by Indian writers. And NO, I don't mean the Five Point Someone types. A bit heavier fiction on the lines of Amitav Ghosh (most recent) or David Davidar is to my taste :) Sorry, hope I did not bore you guys!

But as I said I just had to creep in here and share. How is the challenge going guys? Yes I ate puris for brunch and then Semiya (Vermicelli) Upma for dinner, which is not exactly diet food. But I have also been fighting major sugar cravings and gas problems :(

And oh! the Progress Pictures page is finally updated. Thanks, Smitha! I needed that push!


  1. Books! there are my second love! LOL! first being food ofcourse!


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