Friday, November 9, 2012

The great Diwali sweet making experiment!

This was my facebook status today:

the sweet making experiment is sooo over. Clearly cooking is not my forte!

What I might have forgotten to add is that: Only eating is!

Really after using up tons of butter, besan, sugar, ghee and maida, in my attempt to make something that atleast resembled a far far cousin of "seven cup cake" and "maida cake" , I just ended up with two platefuls of a sweet blob!!! Duh! My only hope is that somebody will actually eat it and will atleast save me of that effort.

For some reason, I feel so embarrased! I hate it when something I put so much effort into turned its back on me! In my old self, I would have cried about the disaster! But this time, I can't contol my laughter. I just find it so funny that I am so pathetic when it comes to cooking! Clearly my son and the Scientist have a helthy future ahead!

In other news the 12.5k is like day after tomorow!!!! Yikes. The yoga class I planned on attending today was cancelled. The gym seems to be closed!!! I might do a short run and some good stretching tomorrow in preparation for the big day. Hope I don't bungle up like last time.

Enjoy the festivities, guys. But I expect to keep blogging this weekend :)


  1. Rename it as halwa ! Don't ever expose the fact that you attempted a barfi/cake ! A 'sweet blob' is such a realistic description !

  2. You can put it back on stove and stir for few more minutes. Stir till the sides become frothy and the whole mixture becomes thick and leaves the sides on stirring.

  3. Hey Sugar... My best wishes for your 12.k run.. u will come out as a rock star... My Diwali wishes to you! have a blast!

    1. Many thanks! I did it well.

      and happy diwlai to you and your family too!

  4. My best wishes for your 12.5k run sugar! u will come out as a rock star... enjoy ur diwali!


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