Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diwali - sweets, cooking and fitness :)

Is it not Friday, yet? Funny is it not? That I wait for Fridays and then wonder where the whole year disappeared. Snacking on cucumbers and peanut butter can make you a better person. I will therefore not go into lecture mode :)

Thanks guys for all the super-nice comments and emails you sent me, in response to yesterday's post. That is the best part of blogging, and I truly appreciate the time you took off to leave me some piece of advise or just state your support for me.

 So the deal is that I just keep forging ahead with eating less and moving more or even more, because I seem to very quickly reach a point beyond which I could not eat any lesser! So simple, is it not? I wish!
Diwali means celebration. We are going to be having family over, this time. Usually celebration means food. And I have decided that this time for Diwali, I shall make some sweets and savoury. I have been scourging the internet for easy and tasty recipes, because from what I have heard : there are no short cuts only to weight loss, but plenty for yummy food. I think the use of a combination of sugar, ghee and dry fruits can rever result in a bad product :) what say? I have found some recipes, and will share my story.
So I am going to venture into that dangerous territory and try my hand at it. Cooking is not my favourite passtime, but I do want to make some thing for the family. Most of the time I insist on cooking healthy food and do not undertake deep frying on a regular basis. Festivity is an exception, and what's life without some yummy food?
Ofcourse, the sweets are not meant for me, and I shall continue to pretend that the thought of sugar churns my bowels. Sigh!
I plan to keep up with the running and will start off my "fitness in the festive season" with the 12.5k on Sunday. Seriously, I observed that the group classes at the gym have such a poor turn out these days. I have made a mental note NOT to slack off exercise specially during November & December. Lets see how I live up.
That apart, do you have special Diwali recipes? And secret plans to stay away from the sugar laden yumminess? Or are you going to be all cool and decide to enjoy in moderation?  Do share, I'd love to know!

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  1. I have started my diwali cooking. Finished a batch of chaklis last night. I am doing it the traditional way to with all the heavy duty ghee, sugar and deep frying. Since I insist on healthy food during the year, I don't want to punish the others at least during the festivals.
    About me eating them, hmm..i will let you know how that went next comments!

    Wish you and your family a very happy deepavali!


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