Monday, December 3, 2012

November wrap up and december goals

November wrap up time:
1. Exercise 6 days a week!
Big fail there! November was the month I felt tired, sleep deprived and exhausted. I don't know why. And now I'm officially sick!

Did it!
3. Do 80 kms this month. (mostly running! thats about 20 kms per week.Doable, I think) 
Fail! 30 kms and its ages since I had an outdoor run!
3. Diwali month, baby!!! And I want to lose weight. Let's see. I am sick of vascillating between 78 and 80. Time to do some serious work.
Yes I did see a low of 77.2 this month! I'll take it for victory!

4. Continue to log in food at Sparkpeople, weight & workouts here on my blog. It sure gives me an idea of what is going on. 
Yes I was good and even logged in mysore pak, laddoos and pedas most days this month!

5. Keep my calorie intake at about 1500 cals per day!
Well I did have some days where I went overboard like nobody's business. But I am striving to meet the goal!
So eating wise this month has been ok. Exercise wise,  not so good. Weight loss wise, I might have finally broken out of the 78-80 vascillation.

December goals:

1. Since I missed the Chennai run, I might compensate by doing the Midnight marathon in Bangalore.

2. Run 80kms

3. Continue with my challenge. Lets see how low I can get my weight to be.

4. Log food, weight and exercise

5. Read a couple of books.

We might me going to Chennai later this month for the music season. I'd like  a run along the beach. Lets see!


  1. Wooohooo...sounds like a decent month! Way to go....

  2. yes... got a teeny bit of scale love after plateauing for MONTHS!almost the whole of this year, I have struggled with bringing the weight down, even though I have mostly watched my calories!so yes , some respite!


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