Thursday, January 10, 2013

Phew!! From yesterday evening until a while back I was having some work related stress. Anyway I got that done away with :) So yea, although I having been hopping on the scale and off it, I have not let the number trouble me too much. I am putting my effort in terms of eating more whole foods, less processed food and working out. For the first time in long, I am not stressing too much about eating less carbs and more protein. I am just working on staying away from too much sugar, greasy outside food and watching the rice!!!I don't even know if this is going to work, but whatever, it gives me a lot of peace.

In other news I will be travelling over the weekend - to Chennai as always, this time for Pongal. And as always it is my desire to exercise and not overeat while away from my kitchen, my gym and my running shoes. Since I cannot carry my gym and kitchen with me, I will carry my running shoes. Although I have long runs planned for both days, I am not sure what I will be able to do!I hope I do well. I have not done a running distance of more than 5k in really long! It disturbs me at the back of my head, and I am going to sqeeze in some quantity running time!

Nothing else too exciting at my end, except for the fact that my toddler is to be made school ready for the coming academic year. Man! time has flown by, and it didn't even ask me.



  1. Hey sugar just the fact that you are even going to attempt to run while on a vacation needs a bow from my side!

    You inspire and motivate me with every post :)


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