Thursday, January 17, 2013

What happens in Chennai most times!

Hi! from the land of hiding!

I am sorry. I left this space without any updates.

What happened, you ask?

Well, the usual. The usual when I go to Chennai. That I can never prioritise myself in that city. I have to don the role of dutiful daughter-in-law and take up the cooking if MIL is not there, or help around far more than I actually do at my own home in Bangalore. I have to rise early on festival days and stay up late finishing up work or just chatting with relatives! I am also a grand daughter who does not give my grandmother enough attention, a friend who has not bothered with her promise to meet up, a mother who has a million things to buy in chennai for the son that I lose myself and my sanity somewhere between those lines.

I eat what is available, sometimes even what I dont want, forego my fine routine I have worked painstakingly to build and decide to just be. Eventually I return to Bangalore, sleep deprived, carb loaded, weight gained and sometimes even sick. This was one of those times. I cooked so much that I hurt my wrist so bad - the doctor said tendonitis. I am on painkillers and am able to type today without much pain. I could not do anything till yesterday including cooking, even bathing Chittu or combing my hair! Forget about lifting weights at body pump or running!

But that's life is it not? So I have signed up for the Contours- womens day 10k on March 3rd 2013. I guess I need to keep the challenge of working out alive and kicking. And registering for a running event keeps the enthusiasm alive. Readers from Bangalore, will you run with me?

I am working on getting back to routine and banishing those dark circles from under my eyes!


  1. Hi Sugar, I managed to gather some courage and register as well for the run but then gives me an error 'Usage limit reached. Please contact the owner of this application.' So just wanted to check with you if you had registered online or is there any other way?

    1. yes I had the same issue as well! but just now registered!good to know!! wanna practise run?

  2. oh wow! you really had a busy few days. But love your attitude. Also I am so jealous, that b'lore has so many running events. Mumbai seems to have very few or I am not getting the right info :(

    1. haha!! thats all I can manage. Otherwise I end up getting stressed and drive myself nuts!

      yes Bangalore is a running friendly city!! move here :)


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