Thursday, January 3, 2013

so, whats the plan?

Just in case, you guys got thinking that I was trying to be all cool, and have no goals for 2013, might I correct you,please?

The obvious:

1. Lose weight!

This has run like an infinite loop so far. But yes I know that it been that 2 years in a row, I have weighed less than what I started out with,so I might be making some progress there. But on a side note to the last 10 kgs clinging on to my body - Please move the hell out of me. So hopefully I will weigh 67 or less on 31.12.2013.

And to the not so obvious:

1. Run a couple of half marathons this year
2. Join a running event outside Bangalore
3. Run 1000 kms in 2013 ( I know that looks like a big number, but take a weekly break up and really, it is not much)

Eating:  I know I am improving. I no longer order dessert at restaurants. But yes the more I restrict sugar, the faster will be my weight loss results.

Reading: 12 books this year (at the rate of one a month)

Temper control

Other things I want to do are:
1. exercise/ run on vacation ( and preferably along the beach. Doesn't that sound so cool?)
2. learn to drive. Like properly.
3. swim. gulp. swim.
4. Not be late to office. EVER.

So thats it. Not resolutions, but certainly goals. And that makes me feel so much more purposeful!



Yes. I Know you are thinking something. Please say it! Every word keeps me going!