Friday, February 22, 2013

The weekend!


Why do I feel I like spend every day of the week waiting for Friday? Was life always like this or has it become so lately?

I look forward to just unwinding during the weekends. it is a great relief to me that meals need not necessarily be ready at a specific time, that I can have a few cuddly minutes with  the toddler, some tantrums with the Scientist just to annoy him, a few moments to stretch my achy limbs at the gym or after a run, an easy paced long run without having the 9 a.m. panic deadline in mind!

I love to read a book cuddled up on the sofa and fall asleep reading, a mug of hot chai with conversation about where we got that mug from, an unhurried walk holding hands with the Scientist, cooking two or three dishes for lunch and some loving compliments :)

Meeting friends, many times the Scientist's friends and wondering when exactly I became an adult, responsible for my own life. Face-timing with the in-laws exchanging notes over whats for breakfast or dinner. Skimming the newspaper for another handi-craft exhibition. The Scientist begging me to go watch a movie with him. The prospect of a kutcheri. Some juicy-juicy gossip - how they met and feel in love? Oh god they were actually living together during their Ph.D? My second cousin, that is.

Sometimes, a million questions - what am I doing? What did I set out to do? Sometimes a silly fight - but you don't say that to her.Sometimes an agreeing discussion. Some good, hearty, healthy love. Sometimes dreams. We must go see Paris, I say. Some intense planning - when the home loan will come through? Second baby? School for Chittu. Some important conversations - when the hell will I learn to drive? Or will he learn to surprise me?

And there its gone, just like that - the weekend, I mean.

Do you guys wait for weekends too? why?



  1. A part of me does too!! The mommy/ wife part-! But the cray control freak part dreads it cos there are zillion and one things to do :( Life I feel happens on a weekend! Enjoy yours- Mine is starting tonite!

  2. Yes! I wait for the weekends too. Like you said, every day there is a time table to be followed, while weekends are relaxed, time to actually sit and catch up with the hubs and some fun time with the toddler. Boy do I look forward to the weekends.


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