Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend action and thinking time!

Brighty bright Monday morning here in Bangalore.
Looks like the winter is long gone and the summer is ready to roll. Summer makes it easier for me to run outdoors without having to warm up too much before actually breaking into a run. The weekend inspired me enough to run quite a lot. My mileage this weekend was 12kms (7 on Saturday and a treadmill 5k on Sunday morning). Yes I am prepping for the 3rd March event and hopefully I will be able to do 2 more 10k events - one in May and the other in July before the Kaveri Trail Marathon 2013 (September), where I plan to do my first ever half marathon!!!Gulp!!! Touch wood and God willing!
I had a stellar weekend with the BIL & his wife coming over from Chennai. There was plenty of window shopping, walking, talking, eating, gossiping & movie watching. Family time is always good, no? I guess except for the doughnut mania, the eating was pretty sensible. I pat myself and forge ahead.
I also finished reading this book- The Valley of Masks by Tarun Tejpal, which I will highly recommend that you gift to anyone you wish to torture immensely! Sorry, in case any of you guys reading really liked the book. That was my opinion, that's all.
That apart there was plenty of Chittu time and now I'm beginning to wonder what exactly I do keeping my job missing out on all that growing up my baby is at furiously paced. I was looking at some pictures of his taken about 6 months back and wonder if I have lost a lot of that babyness that he had in him. He seems all grown up now and even says he is a big boy when I call him a baby! Sigh!!! But that figure with all those zeros which get credited into my bank account at the end of month force me to actually keep the job, considering we have a million loans to pay off, right now!

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  1. hey, you might be also interested in this run.

    I missed it in Mumbai in December.


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