Friday, March 1, 2013

A healthified "kheer" during weight loss

At the end of every body pump class I take on Tuesdays and Thursdays the instructor yells  a " Have a good day guys and don't forget to have a protein rich breakfast!"
Yes specially when one is weight training, it is important that one eat sufficient protein so that the body can repair any tissue damage and strengthen muscles. Being a vegetarian I don't cook eggs at home. Also I don't prefer to eat "soya"/"soy" products too regularly as I have a thyroid condition and soy is not highly recommended.
So that leaves me to use lentils/ dals as the primary source of protein.
I give you here a recipe that you can make many variations of. Originally inspired from a dish called "payathankanji" meaning kanji of Moong dal, here is the way I make it:
moong dal - one cup uncooked
milk - 2 cups
turmeric - a pinch
jaggery: half cup
Method : pressure cook moong dal for 4-5 whistles in the cooker adding sifficient water and turmeric. After the pressure cools off, open the cooker and mash the cooked dal. Turn on the gas on medium flame, add milk and jaggery to taste. Stir until the jaggery dissolves. You can season with some nuts and add a pinch of elaichi powder for flavour.
Finished.  Thats all!!!
Method 2:
delhi carrots/ ooty carrots : 3-4 - peeled and cut into rounds
moong dal
soaked almonds -10
milk - 2 cups
Pressure cook - carrots, moong dal and soaked almonds. After cooling off well transfer into mixer jar and whirl. Transfer back to cooker on low flame, add milk and jaggery. Season as above if you like. The pretty orange is very attractive.
See - you got a vegetable,  milk and dal in a sweet yummy breakfast.
My son loves this too. I have experimented with grated beetroot and also lauki. Both have turned out very well.
Try it. Will you? You'll love it.
1. sorry guys. I don't have a photo. Will try to update with one.
2. Jaggery (Velam/ Gud) is a healthier sweetner than white sugar. I'd encourage you to replace jaggery for sugar in your kheers. It gives a beautiful golden colour and also adds a unique flavour.
As someone with a sweet tooth - I am always craving something sweet. Have a good big glass of this kheer makes me feel good and low on guilt even when I am trying to lose weight!


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe Sugar! Will surely try it!

  2. something totally different and interesting receipe.Would try it .
    But what would be the calorie per serving ?

  3. Interesting and different receipe. would try it . but what is the calories per serving ?

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