Saturday, March 2, 2013

Before the race in images :)

I will be running in less than 12 hours from now.

The Scientist and Chittu have taken off to Chennai for a wedding. I will finish up my race and then join them. After packing them both into an auto to the railway station, I got back home and did some packing for the wedding. I chose the sarees, I might want to wear. Always better to have a choice, you know:

I only recently got my saree blouses tailored. I have been waiting for ever to lose weight and then stitch. I am pretty excited for an opportunity to wear them :)

And then I was ruminating through some photographs from the past - like the baby shower ceremony during my 7th month pf pregnancy. I looked hideous. Huge. Humungous. I really wonder, if I never looked into the mirror or something. I am so glad I look this way now:

It has been worth every effort I put in, really.

And then I ate some reeses buter cups - 2 for my evening snack.

The Scientist called the say they were doing good :). Relief:

And then I took a long long walk. To ease the stiffness I had been feeling. My running clothes are ready:

I will drink enough water, set the alarm and hit the bed.

Wish me luck guys, I should be back with an race recap on Tuesday!!!


  1. All the best Sugar! You will do great! I love all of your sarees-they're pretty! The first one the most-Cause I love that combination! You're looking fabulous in the foto :)

  2. All the best Sugar. You look great... Where did you get those blouses stitched ? They look amazing...

  3. Beautiful sarees... I love the first one.. a little makeup to your beautiful eyes and you are all set.. :)

  4. Sugar dearie! I see pretty pretty sarees and an even more pretty lass in this post! kudos girl! love,Shehnaz.

  5. hey pretty blouses and colours.

  6. ahh..Sugar you look all pretty :)..n the sarees too..Looking fwd on the race recap post

  7. loads n loads of luck my dear

  8. Hi Sugar,
    you look great in that dress.
    really worth the efforts.

  9. thanks, to all of you!!!for the kind compliments.. I do love sarees and painstakingly choose them :)

  10. Beautiful! You look beautiful woman!
    Appreciate and admire the devotion you have to be fit. Like I said before, you are one hell of a role model. I want to be you soon. By the way, have a cup of greek yogurt, with pineapples and honey, they taste heavenly and will keep you full and very low in calorie.


    1. thankyou Deepa for visiting and reading this blog and also for leaving such gratifying words behind. Yes I am working hard to get rid of the weight and I KNOW how hard it is!!!
      Greek yogurt?? Indian stores dont carry greek yogurt. Only the Indian one. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to lay my hands on soem :)


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