Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finger Millet Banana Cinnamon Pancakes or Crepes?

Do you fantasize about food?
I'll admit I do. Sometimes when I see a few ingredients a recipe pops in my head and I cal already visualize how looks and tastes. Many a time, a recipe I envisioned does not look like how I expected it to, but tastes very good.
Have youread Enid Blyton novels - secret seven and famous five and how the kids would pack a basket of scones, pound cake, hamburgers and hotdogs? Even though I don't eat ham or any meat, I still used to drool seeing them.
Such is my experience with pancakes. Honestly, I don't remember to have eaten them ever. Also remember I don't bring eggs into my home. I do eat them very rarely outside, but am not a huge egg fan! I always had a craving for the perfect pancake.  I had decided that my wait was over and that I was going to try my hand at it, no matter what!
I started out with the idea of fluffy pancakes but ended up with soft crepes which were a bit hit in the Sugar household. I'll give you guys the recipe without further ado.
Ingredients for Finger Millet Banana Cinnamon Pancakes (Also gluten free)

Overripe bananas - 2 mashed well with a fork
Finger Millet Flour (Ragi flour) 1.5 cups
Flax Meal : 2 tablespoons
Rice Flour 2 tablespoons
Jaggery 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon - a pinch or two for flavouring
Oil for the crepes

I started out by getting all the above ingredients except oil in a widish container. The bananas stayed a bit lumpy here and there but that worked just perfect for me. I then added water to get a consistency of a dosa batter. I let the batter stand for a while to let the jaggery dissolve well. This is how my pancake batter looked:

I then took my regular dosa tava and smeared a bit of oil on it, fearing the batter might have a tendency to stick to the griddle. I was right and it did take me a couple of attempts before I could get a non shredded pan cake.

To get to the step above, smear a ladleful of batter on the griddle. I kept the size smaller tha my usual dosas. Wait patiently till one side cooks and the sides seem to let off from the griddle. Flip over without tearing the pancake. Wait for that side to cook as well.

And enjoy:

I ate it as it was. There were pieces of warm gooey banana and I loved it. The sweet was just  right for me and as I said all at home liked it. It also kept me pretty filled. Definitely a Sunday morening breakfast!!!As they say - Tasty bhi, healthy bhi!!!


  1. thanks for the recipe sugar! Good one! Can we try the same with jovar/kambu maavu?

  2. We make a similar thing with besan & moong ki daal and call it cheelas :D


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