Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday post - have done vs have to do and my lunch plate pictured

I have been stuck in the 77-79 rut for a long time now ( Since last July, almost) I keep losing and gaining the same 2-3 kgs over and over again. And anything I try to do to get my weight to touch 75 or under - i.e calorie restriction or stepping up work outs is not working.
Obviously I needed to change up some things. Here is what I have done/have to do :
1. (have done)Rev up metabolism by changing the exercise - splitting my exercise sessions in two. I have been trying to sneak in the Jillian Michael -30 day shred level 2 in the evenings after work. So far, I am enjoying it. Lets see  if the scale actually will move.
2. (have to do)Run What started with a severe pain in my right upper thigh had now resulted in sharp pains in my left knee. Obviously I was stressing my left leg because the right was in pain. I have not run all of this week, except Tuesday and decided to miss both my pump sessions. I instead did yoga yesterday and gave my body a stretch and the 30DS work out in the evening!I will still try to get an intense session in the morning.
3. (have done) Grain  - and that is where I think I need more change. I have gone off rice. Well almost. I guess I can never fully. Instead I eat whole wheat rotis and pasta, broken wheat - dalia , oats and millet flours. I could replace that with a lentil & soup for dinner, and a fruit later at night if I am hungry. Always easier to say and very difficult to do!
4. (have to do) Banish the sugarAlthough I do stay away from sweets - I take sugar in my coffee and tea, a bit of jaggery here and there, hidden sugars like in my yogurt, some craisins or dates at times. I am sure I will do better if I can totally cut out these sweetening additives. Honestly instead of cutting out more food, i'd rather exercise a bit more!
5. (have done& have to do) Up the veggies. I don't love raw veggies.I am however trying to make up salads and raitas to bulk up my meal. Still I could probably work on that as well!
Anyway, while I work on getting closer to goal weight, I'll share a picture of my lunch plate with you:

thats Chinese style whole wheat fusili pasta with red and yellow peppers, baby corn and soya nuggets with a yogurt

Usually the yogurt would be my snack, but I'm PMSing and sugar craving, so I was just being nice to myself! Lemme know if anyone really wants the recipe, I will be glad to share!



  1. That is good bit of analysis to move the scale. I need the recipe. The fusili looks like butter muruku. I am not having craving for sugar but for salt. I don't know whats wrong with my food habits.
    Still studying and analyzing about food and nutrition. All the best for the scales to tumble down to wherever you want :-)

    1. hi Gowri :) ntohing is wrong with your food habits...

      just that I prefer sugar to salt thats all...

      I do know that many people struggle with wanting to eat something crispy and salty. I think I did find some good solutions. Will share soon!

  2. Sugar I loved your pasta plate. Its mouth watering. You have made some real good lifestyle changes ( like switching to whole wheat from rice). I am sure you will see results soon. Have you tried HIIT???

    Lots of love



    1. thankyou Shiva...your support means a lot to me.


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