Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A half marathon soon, March Goals & April Plans

Do you guys remember this post - where I declared that I had whimsically signed up for a half marathon? Yikes!!! A half marathon! What in the world was I thinking? With my weight, running a 10k is a bad enough challenge. A half marathon? Like 21.1kms, dear reader, I must have momentarily been out of my mind!
I've got just about 3 months. And then there is this event in mid May. But I shall atempt the half. And please note that my voice is feeble. I have absolutely no confidence, I fear I will screw up my knees  and I am simply going to train on my own. Because I want to try. And I know that running that much is going to take a lot from me. Hello, early morning runs.
I am also  trying to focus on spending enough time with Chittu for I fear he is getting way too attached to Maami. I have moments of maternal instinct where I want to quit the job and stay home with my son, but I know such hasty decisions are never a good thing! But yes, I want to ensure that  when my son wakes up in the morning either the Scientist or I are at home. So I have modified my work out schedule for the month of April. I will instead take advantage of my new found exercise at home joy and mix and match with other workouts that will give me a good combination of cardio, strength, core and stretching!
My aim for this month will be to seriously up the running mileage and down the weight. I am trying.  I am also making small changes to my eating style. If I make any headway with weight loss, you know I will be sure to share.

Goals for April:

  • Be able run 8k comfortably
  • Hope to see 75 or lower on the scale
  • Spend time with Chittu
  • Continue to exercise in the evenings!
  • I am expecting some serious stress at work and home this month - hope I will tide over without resorting to food!
For March, I got in a total of 26 work out days!!! Thats like my highest ever I guess, and mostly because I began to exercise at home! Weight wise I am almost exactly the same as I was the start of March or should I say I have weighed around the same for a long while now - atleast 3-4 months.


  1. hey u must try high intensity interval workout called tabata . I have been achieving great results with it.

    1. will try to find out more about it!thankyou!

  2. The 'working mother's guilt' never really goes away does it! Half marathon is such a BIG goal-wow! I salute you and will definitely take some inspiration from you! You will loose so much weight with the training huh!All the best !

    1. Yes Sheetal, it never EVER does!!!

      Thanks for that appreciation. But I guess we will have to wait till I actually do it to make sure that I deserve any of your praise.

      And the losing weight part ummm Idont know what to say. I am guessing I will have to go really easy on the food aka carbs to actually get to weight loss mode!


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