Monday, April 8, 2013

Eating plans to break my plateau!

Hi guys! Good to be here this other side of the weekend!

I don't really have anything too phenomenal to share with you guys! But still some small itsy bitsy things that matter.

I am trying to break free of the 77 plateau I have been on for what seems like forever! I cut out white rice almost totally. Yes I do have a bite or two ocassionally. But essentially, I moved on to whole grain - whole wheat, millets etc. I replaced dinner with a fruit smoothie or fruit with yogurt / fruit with custard almost ALL of last week. I weighed in at almost the same weight this week too! NO LOSS. Its April already and I am losing time. I want to reach goal weight soon!

I need to get my body to use the fat stores when there is a calorie deficit. So I am going to consciously up the fat and protein in my diet to get my body to learn to burn the fat. Since I am vegetarian  (no eggs) my fats & protein come from - dairy - milk, cheese (normal not low fat) and curds, nuts - peanuts, pecans, coconut, legumes - all varieties of beans.

I am going to continue to eat a carb rich breakfast to ensure that I refuel properly after my workouts. Since I am getting back to running and focussing on my mileage, I need the carbs after a long cardio work out.Options are:
whole grain - oat meal porridge/other cereal
whole grain dosas
whole wheat - chappathi/ dalia
whole wheat  khichidi
whole wheat bread sandwich

Lunch options:
dal (lentil of any kind) + a veggie
 moong dal dosas (adai/ pesarrattu) + veggie
salads with veggies & lentils

Dinner Options
Apple protein shake (with protinex)
Fruit + yogurt combo
lunch options

Snack options:
carrot / cucumber
roasted channa/ soya

In addition I usually have a couple of marie biscuits or crackers with my morning chai. I don't plan to cut this out.

I know this is an ambitious plan. Lets see if I stick to this and lets see if anything works out!

How have you guys been? I have barely managed to run, and the gym is a forgotten story!


  1. Hi Sugar,

    First time to your blog. Loved it. Even i have changed my eating habits and reduced from 83 to 76 in 4 months. full time working, mother of 2 kids, no time to gym. But doing some walk @ home in the evening.

    All the best to you in ur weight loss.

  2. Wow! Good eating plan you've got here! How do you make whole wheat khichdi? I've never heard of that :) Mind sharing?

  3. wow! Power to you! Waiting to see your results. Maybe I will follow your diet plan too.

  4. Too ambitious!! For me at least :D But, I'm sure you can do it.. :)


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