Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eating right - Taming the mind!

Hi guys!!!

I guess I done being upset and have cheered up and ready to roll!!!

I have been eating REALLY healthy! This last weekend made me realize that I might be an all new person! The Scientist's brother and his wife are moving to Bangalore soon, and there were here scouting for a home and all! We were on our toes the whole weekend and spent some real good family time. Even though there were a couple of lunches out I still stuck to my eating plan. At home also I did not greedily lap up the carby goodness I made for the family. I balanced it out well, eating a small part of that and primarily filling up with the vegetable and fruit I planned for myself!

I have learnt over the last 2 1/2 years to not be shy of the effort I am putting into weight loss. Like I tell people I am not interested in dessert or pizza since I am working mighty hard in the direction of shedding the pounds.  When people look at my plate and ask why the bread is missing I am not shy of telling them that I am working on cutting the carbs since that has lately really hindered my weight loss numbers.

Infact when we were out to an official party in the Scients's workplace on Saturday, even though I served myself a piece of chocolate fudge, a scoop of ice cream and a liberal helping of gajjar ka halwa, I did not get past only a few bites of the halwa and decided to trash my plate after having eaten only the chocolate fudge which was -divine!!! The old me would have easily polished off that plate and possibly even gone for a second round!!

Taming my mind has been a long painstaking effort. Many days I crave for a little sweet after lunch. My mind does dart to the chocolate Reeses that I have stored in my pantry. But I ably manage with sugar free mint or some seedless dates! That does not however mean that I have become a food Hitler of sorts!! I still take my tea and coffee with sugar. I also allow myself a couple of sweet breakfasts like a mixed dal kheer which I make with jaggery or a pumpkin custard ocassionally. I continue to eat bananas, chikoos and mangoes!!

The difference is that now I can put my fork down easily and say I'm done eating! Mostly it has been the reward of having a healthy body that has kept me going forward even in the recent time when I felt like I was going through a tough phase! In the past I would eat if I was sad! Or happy.

Changing ones eating habits is VERY hard. You can't revolutionize over night. Its small steps, falls, going back and retracing that will take you a long long way to reaching any goal. Having gone through most of that battle myself and still facing that food temptation many times, let me assure it's possible. Its only a question of turning that switch on in your mind!


  1. Wow such a positive post. I know its really really hard to achieve this mind set. You are an inspiration Sugar...

  2. :) sometimes I need a self pep up and I use this meium for that.. but yes the point I tried to make was that its possible to lose weight the right way!


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