Monday, June 17, 2013

25 kgs gone and being a bad blogger lately!

The last time the scale read 74 point something I decided not to blog about it for fear of jinxing myself. Thats what I usually do. Like if I have a good running streak and blog/yap/brag about it, I promptly land in injury and cannot run for a long time now. And so too with weight!
Suddenly, and I do not know why - the scale is being good to me :) You know I was plateauing at 77 kgs for close to a year. For a couple of weeks I drastically cut out rice and wheat (substituted with oats, bajra, ragi & jowar), added a power 10 minutes of exercise to be the last part of my workout (before stretching, that is) and drank a lot of water. I also developed a viral skin infection that has given me ugly dark scars all over my chest, back, neck, arms and thighs - was misdiagnosed as a fungal infection for which I was given wrong medication and got very very sick. Then I had lots of guests at home and that meant sleeping late, yet waking up early in time for gym, lots more work at home & office. My weight showed 75.1. Wow!!! 25 kgs gone!
And then I went to Chennai, got complimented for become almost unrecognisable, ate a lot of therattipaal and was back to 76.7kgs in 4 days time. I gained weight even though I did not blog about it!!! And then I got back to routine, even adopted the Hal Higdon half marathon training plan (next post), once again almost cut out rice & wheat and I saw a 74.5 today!!! What joy! I must admit this happened even though we ate out almost thrice last week & I had dessert on 2 occasions.
In case someone reading thinks I have been so so lucky to lose weight so easily, let me state for the record - I think I reached the 77 mark sometime in June 2012. Then there was the US trip where I gained 3 kilos and then I kept losing and gaining the same 2- 2.5 kgs again and again!!! Mind you - I have trained for and run about 3 10k races, been consistently working out sometimes even twice a day, watched what I ate ( I also journalled). Then I gave up any hopes of losing weight but still I kept going - eating healthy most of the time - almost eliminating processed food and consistently exercising! One year later almost, it seems like I may have broken free of the later 70s. I hope to never see that number again!
I think the key was to just keep going! The body finally decided to burn some fat off even though it did only one year later!!
I truly hope this does not jinx me and I am miraculously back to weighing 77 tomorrow morning (that has happened to me before btw). But as always the point of sharing this was to tell you that persisting is the key to weight loss success or any success for that matter.
I will update my Progress Pictures page soon!!!

I lost 25 kgs in two and a half years i.e 30 months!!! Thats SLOWWW weight loss, baby. But hopefully its here to stay!
In the meanwhile, anyone has any questions?


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    1. thakyou Smitha :) if only I had the resolve to do the GM diet plan like you, I could have reached this long ago :)

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    1. thanks Gowri for your support, kind words and reading my rambles :)

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    1. thanks PK!!! you are a great cooking inspiration & recipe provider for me as also a weight loss blogger!!!

      your granola recipe is my blessing!

  4. Amazing Sugar! Many congratulations! :-)

    1. thanks for always reading and encourage through good times and bad!

  5. Losing 25kg is no joke sugar!! Congrats!! await for many more surprises from you!!

    1. :) thanks! your kind words and support is much appreciated!

  6. and the good news is you are not putting on..!!

  7. Wow! Keep on keeping on as they say! Kudos to you! Congrats :)


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