Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kaveri Trail Half Marathon - training to make a dream come true

This is the beginning of a new dream. I am nervous and unsure. Even worried - that I will not be successful. What if I fall? What if injure myself badly? What if I ultimately fail?
I never EVER thought, I'd dream a dream like this - the half marathon dream. Running 21.1k on a beautiful trail like the one the Kaveri Trail Marathon soil offers in an opportunity par excellence. Some of you may remember I ran the 10k last year and resolved then that I should atleast try the half, if not the full marathon!
So here I am. I've adapted the Hal Higdon plan to suit my schedule. You can find my training schedule here. Only the day before yesterday I ran a 6k route and felt fairly fine. So I'm going to take a deep breath, cross my fingers and get down to business!
I'm sure I'm going to need some hard lashes on days I want to be lazy, lots of encouragement, sensible eating (to avoid injury) and some hard talk to stay grounded. Making a plan is easy. Sticking with it is the hard part. Brace yourself and join me on my journey to fulfilling my dream of a half marathon!


  1. Wow, super. My very best wishes with you. I know you can do it!

  2. All the best !!! Stick to the plan and you will do good.

  3. All the very best sugar! Come Sep 15th and I know u will rock it! :-)

  4. All the best Sugar!! You will do it!

  5. thanks guys...this means a lot to me :)


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