Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half marathon Training - week 2 recap

Getting into week 3 of half marathon training and also ready to tackle the upcoming 10k this weekend.

Highlights of last week's workout:

  • Total mileage last week - 17 kms. That's still lesser than the half marathon distance.
  • Sunday's long run was a designated 6.5k. But I extended and did 7k in preparation of the 10k this weekend. 7k in 58:24!
  • Again all work outs were done. Not one missed.
  • I find that my quads, glutes and hamstrings are engaged when I run. Until now, I only felt the impact of running - knees and below! Now - my thighs have been sore for a week almost!
  • I actually feel like I am running faster & my gait feels better .
  • I do one day of yoga, one day of assorted gym cardio, one day of Jillian Micheals Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, One treadmill run, One road run and One trail run! So far, so good!
  • My workouts get wrapped up in an hour. That should work well. Sunday is long run day and I can give more than one hour on that day!

Highlights of eating:

  • After severe stomach issues such as the one I discussed here, I have added whole grain to every meal - complex carbs from - brown rice, whole wheat, whole grain poha, millets including - ragi, bajra and jowar
  • I  find that when my meals are satiating - i feel the lesser urge to snack!
  • When I run I get hungry - I have added a pre & post workout snack - 2 marie biscuits/ half granola bar, ragi laddoo (recipe soon!), some dates etc
  • I have also added fruit as a evening/ morning snack
  • Overall, my eating is very conscious compared to before. But still there is the ocassion of a rare bite of dessert here and there. Striving towards perfection, though!

Weight update : my weight holds around the 75mark. I'm hoping that the final pounds will melt down with the increased mileage and consistent rigorous exercise.

That's it from me guys! More later!



  1. Great Workout Sugar! Hope you are hydrating yourself well!!

    1. yes I am, thankyou! Just gulped down some water also in honour of such a pertinent question!

  2. wow! you go girl!
    What are you doing for strength training? I also read a lot of runners use foam rollers to ease the soreness in their thighs.

    1. yes foam roller is on shopping list.

      You called the bluff PK... no formal strength training right now - though I feel workouts like JM's BFBM and 30day shred, body weight exercises - lunges, squats etc shd do the trick!

      what do you think I shd do?


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