Friday, July 5, 2013

Chennai Dream Runners 10k - Am I ready?

Race day is almost here. Today was a designated 5.5 k run. But the knees were feeling a little painful, and so I decided to hit the gym and go on the recumbent cycle instead. I knocked off a 10k in 24 minutes :) Fast is it not? I guess that the purpose of the invention of the cycle! So a 10k with far lesser impact on my knee and hip joints. It is for this reason, that I can simply not wait to lay my hand on a good cycle sometime soon.

But I digress. The Dream Runners Chennai 10k is scheduled for Sunday, 5.30 a.m. We leave for Chennai tomorrow morning for packet pick up. I am guessing that the early start should protect us well from the harsh sun in Chennai.

My aim is to run this race in under 75 minutes. We shall see. I have been eating well and hydrating. Also stretching regularly to ease out trouble areas.I am nervous as I always have been before race day. Little butterflies in my stomach hoping nothing awful should happen.

This is going to be my fourth 10k- race. You can see my other pre-race day blog posts by clicking below. Wow!! I can't believe I have come so far. If someone even told me that I'll be doing this three years ago, I would have scoffed at them. May be I can call myself a runner? What do you think?

Do wish me luck. Hopefully I should be back with a good race recap! Meanwhile follow me @Sugarmeltdown on Twitter!

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  1. All the best Sugar..You are sure a Runner!!..Hope to see the pics :)

  2. Happy Race day running! Hope the finish line sees you in great spirits! All the best!

  3. Waiting for the updates Sugar.


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