Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 4 recap

Can you believe - time has flown so fast and I am already in the 5th week of half marathon training using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half Marathon Training Plan that I modified to suit my weekly schedules. I will be running the awesome Kaveri Trail  half-marathon distance i.e 13.1 miles a.k.a 21.1 kms (really?????)  in September this year. If I dwell too long on that distance, I might just have a panic attack, but yes unbelievable, right?
You can click here to see my training plan.. Here is last week's summary:
  • I did 6 out of 6 planned workouts. Only on Friday a 5.5k run was notched down to a 4k walk thanks to sleep deprivation & muscle fatigue cos I just could not get myself to run!
  • On the strength front I have been making small changes. I have added some body weight exercises - lunges, squats, free style exercises with the pilates ball and kettlebell.
  • Today I did a killer sequence of exercises. I will link up to that in my next post after assessing my pain level tomorrow!
  • Pump cant happen this month - the timing just does not suit me!!!
  • Unnecessary carbs - sweets, sugar, Pizza, buttermilk rice (to soothe my abused stomach) have found their way to my stomach!!!
  • I know I need to clamp down. I've said that many times last week, but it better happen soon!
  • This morning the scale showed 76.4 a gain from the 75.something I was seeing last week. Time to cut out the rice again, I guess!
  • Knee pain has returned!!! Ouch!! I better go back to knee strengthening exercises regularly!
You can read : Half Marathon Training week 3 recap here and click on the links in there to go back further and see how I progressed from running a 5k to a 10k!


  1. Wow 4 weeks already, it nice to read these updates.I am still working towards your discipline

    1. :) YummyMummy - I have decent discipline on exercise but when it comes to food specially rice - I jusy cant say no. I have even worked on sugar control. But this rice always stays tempting!

  2. 21 kms is scary. When I walk(you do know I am just starting),my feel swells up within a km. Also having flat foot makes it harder. Also I was wondering how to get to some of your earlier posts since I don't see a timed link or anything. Help if its not too much of a bother?

  3. Torsha, I do have an archive button on the right side of the blog just below the tags. I've arranged it month wise! Hope that will help you to read thru.

    Yes flat foot is a problem.. Infact my reebok stability response stability shoes are made for flat feet... try it out.. it really helped me!

  4. Missed it somehow......yeah got it now. Stability shoes? Okays. Will check that out. Though getting shoes to fit is a different game altogether. I have huge feet. A women's size 10. :/
    The men's section might have them though. Thanks

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I fixed the deep stretching yoga link for you (sorry I messed it up the first time).

    Good luck on your training for the half!


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