Monday, July 15, 2013

Whirlwind weekend - the one with an 8k run, pizza and some super fun news!!!

Really - it feels like ages since I feel this caught up on sleep. Usually Monday mornings I wake up kind of not ready for the week ahead.
But this weekend began with a sleep in on Saturday after which the Scientist and I went to see the progress of our house. Did I tell you we're getting the old house we bought in 2011 modified and will be moving in soon! So yes now that the handing over date is fast approaching we're feeling that the progress is far too slow. I had a mini adventure going up the steps - which right now consist of mere frame - no step!
I had already packed my gym bag because I wanted to cross off Saturday's workout on this list. Also there was plenty of dinner left over from Friday night and I did not have to cook. Since we had headed out without breakfast, we hit the local "darshini" -South Indian fast food joint - where I enjoyed an idli - sambar while the Scientist got fluffy yummy pooris. I was later dropped off at the gym, where I experimented some moves with a pilates ball and kettlebells after 30 minutes on the elliptical. I reached home with my hamstrings, inner thighs and glutes thanking me for waking them up!
Post lunch, we headed out for some tile hunting and returned home amidst a drizzle. Dinner was simple and homecooked.
Sunday morning, I was up at 5.30 a.m for a designated 8k run. When I got back home and finished stretching the Scientist and toddler were still asleep. Morning rituals later, the Scientist demanded the execution of my promise - a Mac Donald's meal so that he could get Chittu the "Minians" toy series.
 I relented because I had a great run and was ready for some carbo loading!!! But breakfast at Mc Ds was not as good as I expected and I had an additional sandwich from CCD to satiate my hunger! (I had already had a pancake and coffee )
On the cards was a India Preview of the movie Turbo

It should be hitting theatres this weekend and was just AMAZING!!! I loved it! And now for the most exciting part: The Scientist's name appeared in the list of Credits!!! Yayyy!!! What joy! This was a dream come true for the Scientist!

We spent the rest of the day at home - I napped in the afternoon and headed downstairs in the evening for a good 45 minute cycling sessions with Chittu - he cycles and I run/ brisk walk behind him. Dinnerwas planned to be at home, but I was tempted to have pizza from Papa John. Have you had their breadsticks? Does it not taste divine????

Anyway after all that crazy eating, I am going back to some serious calorie cutting. I really need to get these last few kilos off if I need to run the half marathon pain free! How was your weekend guys??



  1. Wow! What an amazing weekend! And I am a little jealous that there are so many (veggie) eateries around where you are, no such luck on my side!

  2. Off for a walk. Hope I can walk at least 2 k.m before burning out. Just starting something other than swimming. Hopefully i will also work my way up to a 8k sometime. Wish me luck. :)

    p.s-also catching up on your old posts.New out here

    1. Dear Torsha, welcome to my lil space on the www. I hope you find this space to give you some ideas and motivation! Do feel free to ask me anything or leave your comments.

  3. That was surely a satifying weekend no?


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