Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The weekend post - rains, long run and home cooked food!

On Friday evening, it finally felt like the monsoons had arrived. The rains lashed down on the city like something had finally given way and I felt like I have seen such a downpour after long. The desire for having hot hot parathas had to be instead satiated with palak soup and rice ended with a nicce peanut butter Reeses cup.
Saturday is our dsignated home visit day when we visit our house currently under renovation. Waking up late, I postponed my workout a bit. I had wanted to do Jillian Micheals - No more trouble zones. A sandwich breakfast had, we finished up our site inspection after I did some adventurous stair climbing - with no step- only frame!!!
Back home, I had already asked Maami to cook lunch. I was too hungry to workout, plus it was also late. In addition, Sunday - was a long run day - 10 kilometres (6 miles) on tap! So I decided to take it easy. Instead, I showered and had lunch and snacked on another Reeses!!! Yikes!
To compensate for lack of exercise on Saturday I spent about 40 minutes running alongside Chittu on the cycle! See finally my running practise has physical rewards! Dinner on Sunday was a quite affair with The Scientist and my outside dinner plans foiled by a hyper Chittu who refused to sleep even though he had missed his noonly nap.
The gulit of not exercising on Saturday bothered me so much that I was up at the crack of dawn (after having checked the phone multiple times during the night)on Sunday morning ready to go on my run. I loaded up on Gatorade (I was going to run 10K) and set out with a definitive trail route in mind.
 But the rains had made the trail so slushy and slippery that I had to change my route and run on the tar  road(Boo to hurting knees). But the rains had made it all lush and green:
 Anywho, I finished up the run fairly tired and sweaty (~600 calories burned)

 and ensured to stretch on my yoga mat!!! Yay for stretching! The effect of not stretching after a workout is too obvious for me. Do you guys ensure to strectch after your workout?
I refueled with a banana-flax smoothie post run and kinda lost my apetite after that. Lunch was good home cooked food of dal- subzi-roti- though I got lazy and had rice instead!!! My siesta plans were ruined by the Scientist's ringing phone and the rest of the evening passed uneventfully, except I had more rice for dinner!!! Since my mileage is increasing, I am happily eating rice, like no ones business. I know, I know I have been telling this far too many times! Time for some serious action, baby!
 Monday morning, I started the day with Jillian Micheals - No More Trouble Zones with my newly bought dumbells, even though it was a rest day to make up for Saturday's lapse. What a good way to start the week! I'll try to share my thoughts on the workout soon! Until then, whats up you guys?


  1. Hey..!!

    You are so motivated.. I would love it if we could be fitness buddies as i am in dire need of them..!!!

    I am fathima..i am 18..and I am a college student in ernakulam,kerala..I am 5'4 and weigh like 67kg..i actually managed to get down to 61.and then gained it all back up..!!

    I would love to have someone to keep me on my toes on my bad days and so on..!!
    I wanted to take up running,but i never have the patience to do running..I love doing turbojam and turbo fire mainly..I am a hardcore kickboxing/aerobics fan more than a runner..but i want to become a runner soon..!!

    If you would like it..we can exchange mail ids and talk bout stuff.!!!

    1. Dear Fathima, I know that you have been following my blog for sometime now :) My email id is on the side bar. Please feel free to mail me and i'll be glad to help in any way I can.

      That said, you are just 18 and have a long way in life. It is good to see that you are already taking steps to being healthier. May I suggest that you quit looking at the scale and instead adopt a healthy life style for eating & exercise. That way you will make permanent changes and weight loss will only be one of the wonderful things you achieve!

    2. I just send you a mail.>! :) :)

  2. Wow 10k run a distant dream for me but I love reading your update post. Makes me all excited about fitness and exercise.


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