Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HalfMarathon Training- Week 5 recap

I'm in the sixth week of training for the Kaveri Trail Marathon. For those who don't know it is a trail run with the most picturesque venue for a runner. The trails travel parallel to the Kaveri River in the vicinity of the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. For new readers, last year I ran the 10k and decided that my first half marathon would be on the same trail! Training is coming up well, so far. As my weekday runs get longer, I need to leave the house by 6 that I can wind up and be back in time for the rest of my duties!

Quick recap:

Workouts -
  • I only did 5 out of 6 workouts this week. I missed a cross training workout on Saturday but made up by exercising on a rest day yesterday.
  • Sunday's scheduled 10k was quite good.
  • Finally I have added proper strength training - last week I did teh barre workouts which I raved about here
  • I also have dumbells at home now!!!

Food -

  • While running longer distances, or engaging in any rigorous exercise routine for that matter - food is fuel for the body's machinery. Any stupidity on that front will invariably lead to injury. So I am consciously being responsible about that. I eat lots of complex carbs, simple carbs, fruits, legumes and vegetables.
  • I am not calorie counting. But my guess is that I am not going overboard either.
  • I always have at hand (also pack to work) healthy snacks - one roti- subzi, low fat cheese slice,boiled peanuts, roasted channa, sugar free peanut butter, yogurt, fruit & cut veggies to eat as a snack (obviously not all ,but certainly 2 or more)
  • I am consciously also trying to curtail my white rice consumption
  • For those interested I drink gatorade when I go on longer runs 8k+

Weight -

  • I am holding up at around 75kgs ( I guess there is no weight gain, may be a tiny loss?)  which may be good since I can physically feel my quads, glutes and thighs getting strong.

Pain -

  • Knee pain is gone!!! Thanks to strength training and religious stretching exercises I am doing!
  • But I am feeling some lovely soreness in my arms,chest and thighs  after Jillian Micheals - No More Trouble Zones!
Overall I am feeling good and confident that I will be able to size up to running a half marathon in the coming seven weeks!

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  1. Got those shoes you told me about. As usual,had to buy from the men's section. And they are a horrible horrible grey colour. :/ Anyways they do help quite a lot. Still haven't been able to walk more than 4 kms at a stretch though. Slowly maybe?

    Congrats on the progress. Keep us updated. :)
    Will be also packing my lunch when college starts next week. No more canteen grub. :D


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