Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Diwali Again!

This has been the third Diwali since I started writing this blog. Diwali for me has over the years become richer - in the sense- there have been more sweets, sweeter sweets, richer sweets and in larger quantities too and why yes the shopping bonanza.

This year, I was as usual skeptical about being surrounded by such temptations for the fear of gaining back what ever little I had lost by drastically reducing my eating after joining the new job.

The toddler kid was sick through the four days. First it was a bad chest cold and then some kind of a stomach infection that left him refusing food in totality!!! A sick child is usually enough to kill my spirits. And so I did enjoy a fair share of Diwali sweets, without over indulging.

On the shopping front, it was practically non-existent because we are still reeling under the effcts of what building a home does to one's bank balance :) So I happily wore the saree that the MIL had got for me and was done with that.

We however did a good round of temples in the neighbourhood, something that we have not done in a long-long time!!!

Back home, I know I should have started half marathon training again. The Auroville Half is slated for 9th February 2014 and I want to run it :) My runs have been reduced to weekend runs, and the gym has become a distant memory :( I do some home videos when I get time, but surely that is not enough!!!

How are you guys doing?


  1. Belated Deepavali wishes to u!

    I have slacked on the food end and devoting my time to passing y examinations now! Had one yesterday, and have another one on Friday!

    And how is the little one now? My best wishes of speedy recovery to him :-)

  2. Happy Diwali to you nd your family!

  3. Aww hope Chittu gets better soon and dont worry you will get back on track real soon.

  4. Hey Wish you and your family a Happy Deepavali. Hope chittu gets better soon.

    1. hi prachi..thanks!! whats up??? no updates in Loooong?

  5. Belated Diwali wishes to u n ur family. Hope ur son is bettter now!!!

    Sigh! I badly need to discipline myself again!


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