Friday, December 20, 2013

The week so far

For the sake of accountability, here is what I've done this week:

Sunday - 8k run
Monday: Shred it with weights - level 1
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - No more Trouble Zones
Thursday : Yoga Melt Down - level 2
Friday - 9.3 k run

So I did wake up early, dress in layers, bottled up gatorade, laced up and set off with a 5k out and back route in mind. Since I moved home, I have not done a 10k loop from my new home, which means I tried to chalk out a route yesterday on a road I knew would be fairly safe. The point I overlooked was traffic. And soon after I was on the route, I realised it was a bad choice. High speed traffic was rushing towards me ( I usually run in the opposite direction of traffic) and the extreme end of the road was so undulated that I found it hard to run on. Around 4.7 kms, I decided to return, compromising a few hundred metres because traffic had become pretty dense.

I turned back and ran home completing a run of 9.27 kms. I have not felt too tired after the run, and it makes me wonder if I ran at all after all. Or maybe the route was too wasy. I will surely be looking for a new route soon!

In other news- the multiple compulsities of working  while being a mom are really hurting me. Chittu's school has announced a 3 week vacation for Christmas, and I hate to leave him behind and get to work!Anyway I hope to get some down time with him over the weekend and may be next week.

What else guys??? Nothing much at my end. How are you guys doing??


  1. Great job with the runs Sugar! Do you take vacation time off coinciding with his school break?

  2. Awesome Sugar on sticking to your plan and implementing it! Even my son is on vacation and eating my brain!

  3. Great workout, hope you get to take a break when your son has vacation

  4. You go girl!!!!!

    wow sugar, I want to *hide* I feel I am the only one slacking and not moving my $$.

  5. Where are you when I need you most? I have embarked on an weight loss journey and have always looked to your posts for inspiration, come back dear!!


  6. Interesting. Keep writing!

  7. Hello! Where are you these days? Nearly 5 months since ur last post. Do write... really miss ur posts... :-)

  8. Why aren't you writing anymore?? Would love to hear from you :)) I was 103 kgs post pregnancy and have started a mission for the next 6 months. Want to know if you reached your target weight!


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