Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brain dump!

Hi guys!

Just logging in to stay accountable and focused.

Post my last pregnancy I ate a lot of food. Lots of refined carbs and sugar and was immobile for at least 2.5 months. Still my weight at the end of my pregnancy was the weight at which I started my first weight loss attempt.

This time, I was working out till at least 7 months pregnant. Why I stopped after is a seperate post, but I gained roughly 9 kgs, which is really a very decent number. Post partum
I was faced with a pre mature baby and lack of adequate milk. I ate everything that people advised would help in lactation, but still very cautiously. Still I gained at least 5 kgs. I started exercising around week 5 post partum. Still I gained weight :(. I feel terrible and horrible about being fat again. My confidence is pretty sad, more so because the lactation is still an issue.

I am still exercising - a combination of Leslie Sansone walk at home 3 miles, the link reader and good friend Gowri left on my previous post and my own strength training circuit with weights. Right now that is all I can manage with Chittu and the new born, with out any help at home. The endorphins do me good and strength and stamina is never a bad idea. So I will just keep at this.

My food choices are not stellar, but certainly not bad either with my intake of processed food almost nil. Let's see where I go with this!

Just a month more and my maternity leave will be over. What I will do after is a nightmare I don't want to embark on.

Sorry guys. I just needed a brain dump I guess. Feels better already.

Will keep the updates coming.


  1. Hello sugar...good to see you back and I am sorry to hera about the lactation issues. Couple of things which helped me generate more milk:
    1. Oatmeal
    2. Pumping (after every feed (after baby eats, pump for 10 mins)
    3. Fenugreek/Methi
    I am sure you will be successful both with feeding the baby and the weightloss. Just give it time.
    Enjoy you baby!
    Sending you lots of good wishes .

  2. Hi Sugar,
    Be strong girl!! I can totally understand what you are going through, its one tough job to maintain that weight and how much that one aspect of life dominates the rest of our life is amazing! Just dont beat yourself up, take each day as it comes. Enjoy your precious, bcoz time with him will fly off!! Strength to you Girl!

  3. You are exercising with a newborn and toddler around! That is amazing. Take it easy with exercise while nursing the baby. The weight will go away soon... All the best!

  4. Hi, All the best , you are such a determined person you will make it. It's always so difficult to join back work after the maternity leave but we all do and we all take the problems head on and overcome it ... take care

  5. One of the better effects of bfing is weight loss :) so keep trying girl!


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