Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wearing the weight loss cap again!

It's time to wear the weight loss cap again, I guess.

Quick updates:

The baby is doing a lot better now. Looks like a new born at least! Whew the first few weeks were tough!

I am not making enough milk for the baby and so am supplementing with formula. I am feeling terribly low. Have tried every home remedy in the book. But nothing has helped so far :(

Because of the low lactation, am being told to eat more carbohydrate and I may be venturing into the 90s if this goes unchecked.

So I have made a simple commitment - to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It will mostly be home exercises since I will not be allowed to venture out!

Yesterday was some strength training exercises I felt comfortable doing and today was 2 miles with Leslie Sansone. The idea is to keep a healthy life style. I am not looking at drastic weight loss right now, but to get into a more conscious eating routine and add a little activity for exercise.

Will update regularly. Meanwhile any suggestions on c-sec friendly exercise videos?


  1. Good to see u back :) I need some inspiration

    Take care and don't worry much. Do as much that you can do :)

  2. Hi Sugar, I can understand your situation as my second one was so week for the first 2 months and underwent your same state. My doc said 8 weeks of complete rest and then advised me for next 4-6 months only walking and conscious eating. Since my first son's school was 1 Km away, I purposefully started walking to his school and then total cut down on sugar, processed foods and all junk/outside food. My oil intake inclusive of my hubby n kid was 1 litre/month. I hope you will also find the track once you are into it. Hope your gals is doing better! what have you named her?

    Love, Sugs!

    1. Great tips thank you! You are rocking btw!

  3. Did you try "shatavari kalp"? Supposed to help a lot with lactation.

  4. Sugar, this worked for me, but I did it after 6 months of C-section. From fitness blender - low cardio impact. I lost 5 kilos, and gained amazing flexibility.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSZj19AUU5I .Check this out, but I am not sure whether it is recommended or suitable just after C-section. I still do this whenever I start working out after a gap.

    I am glad you and the baby are doing good. Take care. Pass my love to Rudran.

    1. Thanks Gowri! I tried the workout. Still found some moves difficult like the walk out planks. Liked the workout though! Thanks much.

  5. So happy to know that your little princess is doing good. I missed you badly on the blog world, your posts were very inspiring to say the least. Don't get stressed, focus on your baby and 30 minutes a day of exercise sounds awesome. I am sure you will keep at it and do it with elan. Good luck girl!



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