Thursday, November 10, 2011

Organic Shopping at Jaivik Mall, Bangalore and other things

It’s Thursday! How has the week treated you? Mine has been fairly good so far. The Bangalore winter has arrived, and has brought with it sunny days which have a constant chilly wind blowing. So it’s hot to walk outside, but it’s kind of coldish indoors. At work, it feels that the air conditioner is revved up a bit and therefore yours truly is contemplating bringing a pull over to work.
In other news, a long pending visit to an organic store – Jaivik Mall- promoted by the Karnataka Govt was made yesterday. For those interested, the store details are below:
Jaivik Mall, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens
Double Road Gate
Timings: on all days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
I learnt from the store manager that the veggies come in on Friday Mornings. That certainly goes on the to-do list. I really like to believe that the food I put in my mouth is not laden with pesticide. The store manager also told me that the proceeds go straight to the farmer. So that is another thumbs up.
My purchases included organic, no sugar added peanut butter, which I had with my mid-morning snack of baby cucumbers today. Yummm. I just wish I can scoop out spoonfuls of it and relish. But I will not. I thought about eating it about thrice a week. On those days I will skip the Happy Cow Low Fat Cheese wedge I usually eat as a “look forward to” snack in the evening. It’s these things that keep me going in the right direction. Little healthy treats!
Also, I was curious about the calorie free sweetener – Stevia. Will post a review soon. The scientist recommended cold pressed coconut oil. So that went into the shopping cart, along with millet biscuits and some organic dals (lentils). Then I picked up some hand made soap in turmeric, saffron and lavender variants. I sure am excited!
Weight wise, I’m doing ok - eating healthy and exercising. The aim is to get to 80kg or below by Jan 1, 2012, and to make it to a goal weight of 67 kg by my birthday in August next year. That means that I am aiming at a 2 kg weight loss every month. But what is in my short range vision is the New Year target.
Ok. Lot of talking. Chittu is due for a vaccination shot today. I get nervous on shot-day. But obviously, I know it’s for the good. So, wish me luck.
How was your week?

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