Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weekend Update

Whoooosh!! Did you hear that? That was the sound of last week going by. And I almost did not feel it.
I remember being in college, when all my friends had a boy-friend, there were days which I thought got stuck in the freezer. Those were days, I’d spend walking vigorously because otherwise, I would not be able to sleep at night. Marriage has thankfully given me a loving husband and a beautiful baby. And hence, I wonder if time just got eaten by a time eating monster.
The last weekend, was spent in some compulsive bread eating that I indulged in. Yep - read it right. We bought a lovely fresh multi grain loaf at Breadworks on Lavelle road.  It had a nutty flavor contributed by flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, I think. Just a bite, and my mind seemed to meditate on the ways and means of consuming the entire loaf. I also had, decent if not large servings of rice for dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. The surprise was however that we went to an engagement ceremony on Sunday night, at which I ate nothing but a cup of coffee, but of course returned home to hunt down the last of the remaining bread.
So that is a good thing about shopping sensibly. When I have no rubbish to eat at home, even the worst thing I can do to myself is overeat healthy stuff, which is far better than polishing off sweets or fried snacks. And hence there has been no weight gain. Just a tiny bit lost.
On the exercise front, Saturday I did a high intensity work out on my elliptical. Yesterday, I woke up with a headache. I did not want to do much. But I did a good half hour of Pilates. The effect of which, was that this morning, I woke up to achy-breaky thighs, and hit the elliptical again. So far, so good.
Getrim has become intolerable again though I only replace 2 meals a week with it. I vow not to buy another box. My refrigerator is stocked up with lots of veggies and the grocery shopping included many varieties of dried beans. So, many of my meals are planned in my head to ensure a good week ahead. And suddenly, I have begun to take pleasure in these little achievements. I feel a wee bit more in control.


  1. A week spent running and reading for me.I guess after intense exercise it is very important to cool down a bit by stretching exercises otherwise there will always be some stiffness the next day.

  2. @ Abhinav
    Yes, I learned that the hard way in the early days of exercise.

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