Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peek - Updates!

Belch! Hello! How are you doing, dear reader?

I’m feeling better than yesterday. The pain has significantly subsided, after taking the meds the doc gave me y’day. He’s also asked for a scan and an x-ray. Ouch! What a bother. I hate waiting at the scanning centre, plus I’m not sure if they need an ocean in my body to do the scan. (You know about it right? That your bladder/intestine/stomach.. basically everything needs to be filled with water for them to be able to do the scan.) So I hate it, and don’t think I’m going for it. Plus as I said, I’m feeling a lot better today. Just very belchy, but better.

What I instead plan to do is go for a walk in the park with the toddler. Basically leave the baby with the babysitter, and take a nice brisk walk. The winter is always making my hands and feet cold, and so I think a warm-up will be good. I did some yoga this morning, because it is low impact and all. So I am wishing for a little bit of cardio. Is that me talking?

For breakfast I had some pomogranate and plenty of watery buttermilk (with salt and asafetida). Lunch was two and a half methi rotis with dal and boiled veggies. The other half was taken by the little fellow who has shown a great love for rotis & parathas. I’m planning to do some soup ( broccoli & cauli) for dinner, with a bit of brown rice may be? Wow!! doesn’t that sound good?

Also I’ve been seriously thinking of going to the gym, because the weight seems to not be budging. But fear of eating up my baby-time is one big reason I rethinking. I’m going to think a while. That’s going to be a tough decision.

Sneaking a post from work. Am going to run.


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