Thursday, December 1, 2011

November wrap up, December plans and a Recipe.

Alright. Posting from work again:

Since December is here, with utmost disregard to my unpreparedness, let’s do a monthly assessment.

Exercise wise, I stayed committed all month. Food is my huge problem. Sugar specially. I cheated on the food diary. Nope not even one day. So, yesterday, I jotted it down on some scrap paper I found. Today, until now is recorded as well. I just have to keep with this, because I seem to have hit a plateau. No losses last week after I hit the 83 mark, only been gaining since then, and feeling sick. But I think I’m retaining water. Because my ankles are swelling again - something which has not happened in months. Something is wrong with my system. So although the scale is showing no love, I’m not beating myself up. Patience. I have a plan.

The plan is that I’m going to watch my food. Journal it. Exercise. Journal it. And see. Basically to ensure that I’m actually doing what I think I am. Because, it so easy to eat high calorie/unhealthy/sugary stuff, and forget about it.  If there is no progress, I will need to join the gym. It’s possible that my body has gone into comfort zone, and I need to shake things up. I have also got my measurements today. So I can be sure if the gain is just muscle, and the fat inches are going away. Sounds good? To me, yes.

So here are the goals for December:
1. food journal
2. add evening exercise twice a week

I made a yummy soup yesterday. Something I’ve been craving for lately,

Broccoli & Cauli Soup (Recipe adapted from here):
You will need:
Brocolli & Cauli in equal amounts cut into florets.  (50 gms each)
1 onion
1 tomato
Skim milk – 100 ml ( I used nandini 2% fat – double toned milk)
Salt, pepper, red chilly flakes for seasoning
1 teaspoon – cooking oil ( I used cold pressed sesame oil from Jaivik)

First sauté the onion in oil. Then dice the tomato, and add it as well. Then add the cauli-brocolli.
Add about a cup of water. Close the vessel. Let it boil till the veggies become tender.
Let it cool. Transfer to a mixer. Blend till desired consistency.
Transfer back to vessel in which the veggies were made. Add milk. Wait until it warms up to desired temperature.

I had this soup over a light bed of brown rice (also from Jaivik – I love Jaivik)

So, all set for December. Lets go(al)!

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