Friday, December 2, 2011

Stuck at this weight?

Hi! We are six days into December. I think days have been halved or something! 

I have been super busy: sick baby, under the weather me and loads of other stuff. I typed out this post last week (friday), but could not edit and publish: 

 There are some days I wake up, make tea for the husband and me, play with the fresh-from-bed Chittu, cook breakfast and lunch, pack the husband’s lunch, turn the washing machine on, weigh myself, smile at the loss, exercise, shower, dress, have breakfast and get to work. But then I have days like today, when I am recording a gain, despite eating good and exercising, for a week now. I’m distracted all the time -wondering, if I’m going to be stuck at this weight all my life. I want to cry even. Then I read some blogs, like those on my side bar, and pep talk myself ” I’m being good to my body. The weighing scale should catch up.” But still I am hoping to see some light tomorrow.

In the past year or so, I have paid close attention to my body. The South Beach Diet, made me realize that the more sugar I eat, the more I crave for it. The South Beach Diet also taught me that although cooked white rice and  chappatis may have the same amount of carbs, the huge difference for me is that eating white rice, results in a craving for something sweet in about 2-3 hrs from when I ate. Staving off the craving is mighty hard. Especially, since I can even eat plain sugar straight out of the jar. Eating whole wheat flour chappatis, instead does not do that kind of thing to me. Neither does broken wheat (dalia). Unfortunately, neither gives me the satiety that rice gives.

In my weight loss journey, I first cut out the rice entirely, for two weeks that is, as the South Beach Diet mandates. Later I added whole wheat flour/broken wheat into my diet. On days I ate white rice, because I was either lazy to make or feeling too sorry for myself for eating “diet food”, I just ended up feeling really lousy for binging later or have had to try very hard to fight the cravings. So, white rice is not my best friend.

Brown Rice. What is it?

Lately, I have come across brown rice. It basically is unpolished rice.

Where to buy brown rice in Bangalore?
In Bangalore, I bought Organic Brown Rice at Jaivik Mall, Lalbagh Road. Rs. 42/- for a kilogram.

How to cook brown rice?
The way to cook it is that it needs to be soaked in water about half an hour before cooking. Then, cooked the same way you cook white rice. I cook rice in a pressure cook, and that suits the brown rice just fine. One just needs a few tries to settle with the amount of water to cook it in.

How I eat Brown Rice?

Since I am trying to adhere to a south beach diet way of eating, I had it with the rest-of- the-family meal.(Sambhar and plenty of veggies either sautéed or curried). I also reserved a little bit of rice so that I could have my “curd rice”. You know the way with tam-brahms? We love our curd rice! And so, I feel far from deprived. It is filling (because of the high fibre content), and has not caused me any cravings.

So that’s a new food discovery for me. Am looking forward to the week end. I love my mommy time with the little fellow.

Any new food experiences you would like to share?

PS:Please note that all the above are the blog owner’s individual experiences. The blog owner is not a nutritionist/ doctor, and is not liable for any untoward experiences of any reader of this blog.

Edited to add: Weight read 83.9 today. Yay!

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  1. Finally I find it :-)
    I am a Brahm too, and I just CANNOT do with rice. It has been nearly 6 months since my family in my hometown switched to Brown Rice. I'm stuck here at Bangalore, all alone. Result, I'm continuing white rice. Now I want to switch too. I want to put an end to unwanted craving :-)


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