Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pull up your socks Girl!

It’s the fourth day into the new year. Although the vacation was a brief one, I’m finding it hard to go back to my routine. Add to that, a sick baby and once again, under the weather me. This winter has been hard on me. The cold I have is refusing to go away and wheezing during the nights/early morning is returning. I had to use my inhaler in the middle of the night cos the wheezing was interfering with my sleep. I have risen late in the mornings. Today I was up usual time, cooked healthy but decided against exercising. Not a good sign.

Food wise, I do great all day. But have been snacking stuffing my face with sweets in the middle of night, as Chittu & I struggle to sleep. Weight has not changed much, but the scale will surely climb if I continue this way of living. High time to pull up your socks girl!

Going back to journaling and exercising.


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    For the night snacking, try some Altoids or some other type of mint to pop in your mouth and see if that helps.

  2. Hey take it easy....don't try to overdo exercise or dieting when you are ill...hope you feel better soon :)

  3. @Lori
    OMG!! you are here again :) Yes I can try that. But what I do is more mindless eating, because I have nothing to do in the middle of the night :) That should go away soon. Hopefully. I am feeling better already.

    hey babe :)yes that is good advise. But when i am in a swing I find it hard to snap out of a mindset. Right now, I have committed to losing this weight, and am pushing myself against all odds. Because otherwise I can come with a million reasons, why I want to eat those sweets and why I dont want to move my butt.
    I am feeling better now though :)


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