Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eating Out - some thoughts and incidents

Last week, I mentioned we dined out – thrice. The first was at a restaurant serving usual north Indian fare – roti, sabzi, dal etc. When I go to these places, I have developed a way of eating. I first order a soup, nibble on the starter from the husband’s plate, and ask for only the vegetable and dal to be served on my plate. I skip the roti (bread), and if I feel like I want a bite, again I take it from the husband’s plate. Also I take care of feeding Chittu, which is both time consuming and occupying. So it’s not like I have finished fast, while the rest of the people are still eating. I have also learnt to say no to the mocktails/juices, and stick to a salted lime soda, in case I feel like I’m having acidity/heartburn. Also, I try to stay totally away from dessert. This way, even though we are eating out, I don’t end up being so full that I feel sick/icky. I also don’t pile on unnecessary calories from the mocktail/bread basket/ dessert. At the end of the meal, I feel satisfied, and happy.

The next meal was a fancy Chinese restaurant. Only the husband and I went. I had decided, I will eat rice/noodles, because, all of last week I woke up every morning, feeling very tired. I thought I possibly was not giving my body enough nourishment, and have upped the carbs a little. I feel a lot better this week.

Anyway, getting back to our meal at the Chinese restaurant, the Husband and I split soup, ordered a starter and a main-course of rice and some tofu gravy. I just kept eating through the meal, and did not notice, I was beginning to feel full. Really full. By the end of the meal, I felt like I was going to throw up at the table and found it difficult to get up and walk. My stomach felt like a piece of heavy rock was strapped to it. Obviously I had overeaten WAYYYYY too much, and that made me feel uncomfortable for nearly an hour after. I vowed I would never do that to myself again. I can always come back to this restaurant, can’t I? Of course.

The third was Pizza at Papa Johns. Chittu went with us. We order a medium pizza, garlic breadsticks (which are so yum at Papa Johns) and Cheese sticks, along with Pepsi. I had already decided to drink the Pepsi. I ate a little bit of the garlic & cheese sticks. I then had a slice of pizza. Then started on another, and felt like I was beginning to feel full. I promptly handed my nibbled upon slice to the Scientist, and we packed the remaining to go home with us. We ate it for breakfast the next day. I did not feel heavy/tardy after eating out.

These are the points I like to make:

·         Gradually my capacity to eat seems to be decreasing. In the past, I could easily have the Chinese meal plus ice cream and be totally normal.
·         I think about what I am going to eat before hand. I don’t always stuff myself with pizza/pepsi, nowadays. So I decide what it is that I want to eat. That makes me happy at the end of the meal. Not crabby that I went “off plan”
·         I have learnt how to eat at restaurants, without sabotaging my eating style.
·         I have also learnt not to be shy to admit to friends/family that I have begun to eat this way. In fact, I say that it is by doing these little things I have managed to lose close to 20 kilos.

Man, I love food and love eating out. And if I were to make resolutions like I will stop eating out/ I will not eat sugar/insert ridiculous resolution of choice, I will never get around to losing weight or getting healthy. This weight loss journey, is teaching me so many things.

What do you think dear reader? Please leave me your thoughts as a comment.


  1. Good luck for your weight loss. Keep yourself motivated. Amen.

  2. The first point is very true, once you start working out the capacity to eat automatically comes down


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